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Posted earlier in the week about running into a number of problems with my shipments (delayed shipment, missed shipment, no 15% off, burnt-tasting Soylent) - I just wanted to post again with an update.

I contacted, and they a) responded within 24 hours, b) apologized, c) got me my 15% off discount and d) threw in a free week’s worth of Soylent besides. It’s been a bumpy ride with Soylent so far, but I’m really impressed with the new customer service team. Would highly recommend that you contact them if you’re having any issues.


It is counter-intuitive that when you are short of personnel you would stop answering individual questions on public forums. On public forums you can address the concerns of more than one person at a time; with individual correspondence you cannot. I hope you return to answering questions that apply to multiple customers in public fora again. @soylent


I’ve got Soylent Creep. Every month when my Soylent arrives I have a little more left from my last order. I recently received my first Soylent 1.4 (without the oil), but I won’t be trying it for three weeks as that is how many boxes remaining from my previous order.

I’ve thought about pausing my subscription for a few weeks, but that doesn’t seem like the most elegant solution. Realistically, I think I’m better off receiving 21 days per month, rather than my current subscription of 28 days. I don’t see a clear way of making this change when I log in, however. Is there no way to simply change the subscription quantity without canceling and redoing my subscription?


You might ask around your friends/coworkers and see if any of them want to take that extra box/month off your hands… Having just tried my first week of 1.3 I took the plunge last night and signed up with a subscription. My initial thought was to get 2 weeks worth (at 50% usage, lasting a month) but my housemate has recently expressed interest but was put off by the 4-5 (2-3?) month wait for new subscribers… so I signed up for 4 weeks and we’ll split the order (he’s getting his own Takeya shaker). A 3 week option would be nice, but until then…


You should be able to reduce your current subscription to fourteen days and add a new subscription of seven days, as I understand it.


Yeah, but there is no clear way of doing this on the subscription page outside of canceling an existing subscription, making a new 2-week subscription, and later reversing all that.

The simplest short term solution is likely to just put in a two week pause in my next order. Really though, I hope they expand the subscription options at some point: 14 days is not enough and 28 days is too much. It would be nice if I could simply have a 21-day monthly subscription.


It really doesn’t make much sense that the 21-day subscription is not available as an option. Packaging is all I can figure, but that shouldn’t be too hard to manage. Ordering is still littered with little kinks like that; I also find it odd that you have to cancel and re-order rather than change the subscription. There are other quirks. Hopefully, in time, they will be normalized.


From another thread. @malove2play wrote, “I emailed and they changed it for me, and explained that currently the system requires RL to change your subscription manually but they’re working making it so you can do it yourself.”

Apologies that I couldn’t link the post. Above my pay grade on an iPhone.


A long time user, with some feedback for the Soylent team. This has been brought up and been shut down in a couple of older threads, but I had an experience with a group of would-be Soylent using co-workers last night that I thought you should hear. I have been a proponent of Soylent since I first heard of it. I ordered the day I saw it, and haven’t looked back. Good times and bad. I tell everyone that asks what’s in my 1.9L Hydra-Flask about Soylent. I have given glass fulls, and even the occasional bag all across the country to let people try it. So there’s my enthusiasm level. Love it.

Last night I was sitting at a conference table with 6 co-workers I had never met (big company-travel a lot). One of them asked about the ‘jug’. I kept it simple just saying it’s my food, and it went from there. About ten minutes later, they were all looking it up online, taking pictures of the bag, etc. All 6 very excited about it. Then one of the ladies asked if there was GMO. I told her yes. That was a show stopper for all but one of them. It was literally like someone popped a ballon. This post is about perception, not the safety of GMO. This happens almost weekly. I work with 4-6 different people in my company every week. Rarely more than one of them twice in a year. Between the co-workers and the hotel and restaurant staff, drivers, etc, I have exposed Soylent to probably close to 700 people in the last 7-8 months. It just finally really caught my attention last night, so I started revisiting my experiences sharing Soylent over the last several months. I even realized that 6 out of 7 people I interact with on a daily basis won’t touch Soylent, specifically because of the GMO.

Last nights group of 6 included a 62 year old male, and 5 females from the age of 22-60 (ish). Other than the female to male ratio, a fairly wide demographic of age, income, and background. One of the ladies responded, “that doesn’t make sense, it goes against what it would seem like they are trying to do.”

The following are my observations. All of the people I know that are not techies, that are concerned with their health, regard GMO’s as unhealthy. I am not saying they are unhealthy, I am saying the people I know have the perception that they are unhealthy. Soylent will not succeed in changing anyone’s mind about that debate, but they may be missing a large number of would be customers if they don’t acknowledge that perception. This may also hinder greatly the amount of countries that Soylent can be shipped to as a food product. I would offer that as soon as things get a little settled in the home office of Soylent, you all might want to do some serious fact finding on this particular thought regarding the perceptions of future customers. Not because GMO’s are good or bad, but because the future customers of Soylent, both in the US and around the world, are going to spend money based on their perception of what is good or bad, not science.


That could be problematic as Rob has mentioned multiple times that his long term goal for Soylent was to have the ingredients fabricated by genetically designed microbes that could turn light and water into raw materials. It’s all about science and GMOs are our savior in many ways. Yes there are people who are anti GMO as there are people who are anti vaccine. Sometimes what passes for health is not scientific. I can appreciate the perception problem, but finding a less sustainable non-GMO solution doesn’t sound like a good solution to me.

With regard to the 3 week shipping option, hopefully some day the shipping turn around will be 24hours… Can you imagine a day when you’re down to a few pouches left and you click on a button on your computer (or Soylent app on your phone) and another weeks worth shows up a few days later…

edit: P.S. I’m not trying to say there aren’t problems with GMOs (such as reliance on pesticides/herbicides etc), only that wherever possible, we shouldn’t fear using the most scientific approach possible just because of a label or people’s misconceptions.


I am opposed, strongly, to changing policies/practices to conform with expectations or perceptions rooted in ignorance. Let the ignorant learn rather than force others to pretend not to know.


Wouldn’t national sales of soy milk be collapsing if there were a principled objection to GMO-tainted foods among consumers? My understanding is that almost all soy milk is GMO.


After reading all the posts about how 1.4 tastes so very different from 1.3, I’m pretty eager to try it. I do have a backlog of about 3 weeks of 1.3 sitting on top of my refrigerator though. Guess I’ll make up one batch of 1.4 and then go back to my 1.3 to finish it off.

The ability to set a 21-day supply subscription would be gold. I really really really hope this becomes a possibility soon.


So, I don’t fit in with their demographic, my work is physical and mental so I need the energy and I am 52. To just not have the daily ups and downs of eating “normal” foods makes my life much better. I am loosing weight because I don’t have to eat all the fats and crap that comes with all the calories I need to consume. I haven’t had my cholesterol checked but I will have that done soon. The additional energy and not feeling like I need a nap after lunch is amazing. I think there are more people who would benefit from this then not of every demographic.



Could you just do one 7 day subscription and one 14 day subscription?


The GMO thing is tough. One thing I like about Soylent is that they take a non-dogmatic, science-based approach to food. But the problem with that is a science-based approach to food conflicts with the views of some people who don’t know or don’t care what the current scientific consensus is.

One example is food processing. A lot of processed foods sold today are unhealthy and as a result “processed food” is an automatic big negative to lots of people. But food processing isn’t inherently unhealthy. Food processing is just doing something to food. If you do something to food you can make it better or worse or neither. Washing the dirt off a carrot is food processing but people don’t think of that as processing. Rather they just automatically equate any processing with bad at this point.

Soylent can’t avoid the processing question considering how it’s made so people that are strongly anti-processing are out from the start. But some people aren’t anti-processing but are anti-GMIO. What do you do?

Theoretically, permitting GMO foods should save money and thus keep the price lower. After all, if it made no difference in the price of Soylent then just go with the non-GMO to avoid the controversy and be done with it, right? So going “no GMO” would raise the price. How much, I have no idea.

Fortunately, the scientific community is fighting back a bit on GMOs. It’s easy to find videos of Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson saying GMOs aren’t bad. And check out this recent cover of National Geographic. I love this.

As far as what to say when someone asks you if Soylent is GMO-free, it’s awkward to say that Soylent is not GMO-free but is still safe because when they ask the question you know they’re asking it because they don’t think GMO is safe. So you may have to finesse it. Maybe say “I don’t know if they’re GMO or not but part of the idea is to be in line with science” but that’s a lie assuming you do know that GMO is in Soylent.

It’s hard to deal with though. There is a misconception amongst much of the public and you have to either go along with them and knowingly spread BS so you can get more business or else speak the truth and lose business. Tough choice.

Hopefully as time passes the myth of GMO foods being automatically bad will fade and it will be less of an issue.


Personally I don’t mind GMOs, they’re amazing! What I don’t like, and the reason that I try to buy organic, is pesticides. I don’t know where soylent gets its ingredients from but I can only hope that, if any, there are minimal pesticides. But it doesn’t really matter that much anymore because soylent is awesome!


Yes, the problem with GMOs is that they’re largely about facilitating ever-greater pesticide use. The overuse of pesticides is my only concern here.


Sorry we became a show stopper :frowning:

We know the perceptions surrounding GMO’s will be a sticking point. We want to be as transparent possible with regards to the ingredients in Soylent.

You bring up a great point and one we are constantly looking at. We trust that the science will speak for us. You are right with your points, but we must move forward one step at a time. Right now that means focusing on the US market and catching up with the demand for Soylent.

I appreciate the time and effort you put into your post, and for exposing those around you to the product.

Thank You