Official subscription customer feedback


Just wanted to offer my feedback re my subscription:

I’m a new customer w/ a one-week subscription and had fully resigned myself to the estimated four-week delivery schedule. Placed my order Monday evening, received a shipping notification and tracking number on Thursday, and my shipment arrived on my porch this Friday afternoon. Not four weeks, four days. Well done.


I want a different version every month!!!


I recently emailed a request for a 3-week pause before my next shipment, and that process went very smoothly

My subscription is for 4 weeks/month, and since I usually don’t use quite four weeks worth, I had been building up a backlog of Soylent for some time. I do hope RL offers a 3-week/month subscription option soon as that would be the ideal plan for me.


Ordered mine on April 30th. They emailed me a tracking number…product never left the warehouse. Their rep emailed and told me they were experiencing delays, but that they were working with them to get it all resolved.

I got a new tracking number on Monday…supposedly a “replacement” for the one that never shipped. Guess what? This one hasn’t shipped either.

Not impressed so far.


For people that dislike or hate 1.4, are you having “C” or “L” batches? Apparently they taste quite different and have a different texture and consistency as well, which might explain for a lot of the polar opinions people have of 1.4. I personally have only ever received “C” batches and love it. <3 Best Soylent yet, by far.


I’ve only received L batches so far and I have no real complaints.


So my first re-order, tracking e-mail sent yesterday, product arrived today. Very impressed.


Can you guys (@soylent) please give us an update on international shipping?


Come on, use the search function; that’s why discourse includes it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From four days ago: Any updates on international shipping?


So far all of my Soylent has shipped from SoCal to me (in SoCal) and it takes 1 day… Looks like my next is coming from PA… 6 days transit :frowning:
Fortunately I have a few extra days on hand.


Most of my shipments come from PA now (I’m on the East Coast) but sometimes they still come from CA. I guess if they are running behind in one location they just switch to the other.


Question about pausing subscription.

I went on the site the other day and clicked the pause button. That takes you to a screen that tells you to send an email to

I sent them an email:

subscription id - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please reactivate on July 6th, 2015

I did that and I received a reply the same day:

Laura H. (Soylent)
May 28, 13:17

Hi Cass,

We’ve paused your subscription until 7/6. If you have any questions about your subscription or if you need assistance, please let us know — we’d be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for getting in touch and for your continued support!

Soylent Customer Care

Then I received this email yesterday:

Hi Cass,

We would just like to remind you that we're still waiting to hear back from you. Your request (#99506 ) has been pending for 5 days. Please respond at your earliest convenience so that we can help resolve your issue.

Soylent Customer Care

What does this mean? Did they pause my account or not and what are they waiting to hear from me?

@Conor @Soylent


Send and email back, I don’t think they paused it.


I think it worked. When I login to I see:
Next Bill Date
July 6th, 2015

I think what might have happened is that when I first sent an email to I got an automated responce:

Please type your reply above this line -##

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your patience and want to ensure you that we respond to 100 percent of the inquiries we receive.

An agent will respond to your specific question within 48 hours.

Thanks again for your patience and support!
Soylent Customer Care

This email is a service from Soylent.

Maybe it was this first automated response from them that caused the ‘5day’ email to be sent.


I didn’t read all of the thread but I read the last few. I recently (today) setup a months worth subscription. I wondering will that get shipped out immediately or will I have to wait for the next cycle?


It won’t have to wait till the next cycle; you should get it soon. Welcome!


Hopefully I have enough to last me until the months worth arrives. I purchased a weeks worth to try out and so far everything is going great but I am on day one so… :smiley:


THANK YOU. i have been struggling to eat up my 1.4 (have almost a months backed up since i hate it) and now i know to look for the batch code. sorry to necro a thread but…


Possibly relevant: @ravenvii shipped out some bags of 1.4 as an experiment: Like Soylent 1.4? Free pouch in exchange for review. || All gone

tl;dr: C and L batches looked a little different, but tasted the same.


Not mine. The L I got tasted very different from the C I got. Promise.