Official subscription customer feedback


I must have missed your post in that thread, but I think you’re still an outlier.

What do you think caused the difference? Do you think there were actually different ingredients, or was the package damaged or something?


I’d just like to clarify something before going on subscription.

If you decide, for some reason or another, to permanently cancel your subscription, is there any attempt at a monetary penalization to recoup the discount you’d be receiving? Basically, will I have to pay back that 15% difference?

I’m not PLANNING on cancelling by any stretch. I’ve just burned myself on a few gym membership and cellphone plan cancellations over the years.


Nope. I actually cancel and reactivate rather than pause and I haven’t been penalized yet.


I initially contacted customer service about not getting my shipping info within 48 hours like promised when I ordered. I also asked some other questions. My questions were answered, and I was again promised shipping info within 48 hours. I was quite pleased with the customer service.

Unfortunately, the shipping information didn’t come within 48 hours. You guys must’ve been backed up, which is fine, but I wish I would have been told about how long the wait could be. Instead I was expected information on my shipping in 48 hours that took about 10 days to receive, and now it’s another 2 days to get my order. Again, not bad, but I wish I would’ve known and this is an opportunity for improvement of your system.

Another thing that would’ve improved my experience is telling me what kind of shipping I was going to receive. Maybe it was somewhere in the fine print I didn’t see, but it should be more obvious then. I didn’t know if it would take 2 weeks to ship, 2 days to ship, or ship overnight. All would’ve been acceptable to me, and I am pleased with 2-day shipping. Still, it would’ve been nice to know, especially when I’m trying to plan on buying food and eating around my shipment arrival. The lack of knowledge was more inconvenient than any “bad” information I could’ve received.


tl;dr: My first subscription order went pretty smoothly. It took about 6 days from order to delivery (for most of that time the order wasn’t tracked by FedEx). I haven’t opened any of the new 1.5 pouches yet (I have a couple days of 1.4 left). The pouches look a bit crumpled and scratched up. I hope they aren’t being mishandled in the warehouse. As far as I can tell, they are all still sealed.

I decided to delete a bunch of other boring stuff/speculation and just leave the above summary. :smile: For anyone who cares, my order was delivered from Bloomington, CA and it’s lot number is L5147. Google says the from address belongs to Network Global Logistics.


I have been receiving a subscription of Soylent for several months now and everything has been great but I could do without the paper release notes in every week of Soylent. It seems very wasteful to me and would greatly appreciate the ability to reduce or eliminate the extra waste.



I’ve been enjoying my 1.5. So I just got the shipping notification email for my next month worth of Soylent and it says v1.4. Is that a mistake? Are they actually shipping me the older 1.4? Or is that just a typo in the email? I guess I could just wait and see what actually arrives. However, I really like 1.5 and don’t want to go back to 1.4 so if it actually is 1.4 then I’ll be disappointed. I’ve replied to the shipping notification email but have not heard back yet.


No worries; they are shipping v1.5. Once RL starts shipping a version, they don’t ship anymore past iterations.


Wow… They’re really cranking this stuff out… My 1.5 arrived about 10 days before yours and it was L5099.


I just signed up for a trial of Soylent and found out they scammed me into a subscription. I expected more from this company. I ordered a seven day supply to try the product and they took my credit card and used it for something I did not agree to, an ongoing subscription. I don’t even see how to change it without canceling my order.
Anybody else supervised about this deceptive practice?

  1. It is pretty clear on the home page that you can choose either a subscription model or a one time buy model.
  2. You can cancel your subscription anytime. You can cancel it now before you are billed again, if you like. Just log into your account and it is easy to do. Then you get the reduced rate for a one time payment! (Instead of paying the increased rate for a one-time payment.) For a 7-day supply, you will have gotten it for $70 instead of $85 and not had to reorder. If you want to be sure, just wait till your current order ships out, then cancel your order; You have a full month to do so.

To answer your question, it is not a deceptive business practice based upon the two above points.

Also, if all else fails, customer service (at can take care of you or your order. (or further help canceling your order)


I just did a one time on another order for my son and it still says the your next order will be billed in August?

I can wait and see what happens but it is not clear. A one time order should not tell you when you will be billed next.


Hmm, that is weird. I have only ever made subscription purchases, so I am not sure. I would email to clarify perhaps.



And a mistake, either on the user end or the website’s end, does not validate accusing the company of scamming you.

Like @inquirerer posted, just email


Don’t forget to especially complain that they didn’t charge you enough for a one time order. A subscription costs less per order and can be cancelled at any time, so those rapscallions found a sneaky way of saving you money without your permission!


Actually, it does. If this user actually clicked on the one-time payment (which this user clearly believes they did) and the system put it as a subscription, it’s perfectly reasonable to call accuse it of being a scam. Other users may not realize it happened to them, and there can actually be issues that arise such as overdrafting from an unexpected charge. Charging someone monthly for something they only agree to one time on does fall into the scam/fraudulent category whether it’s intended or not. I have absolutely no issue with the way @TGW explained their issue.


And you have no problem with igniting pointless controversies in every thread you visit.


On the front page in bold, “Monthly Subscription”. The button you then click says “Subscribe”. Then when you click the “Subscribe” button, the next page says “Each month we’ll send you …”.

It’s quite obviously a “Subscription”, which means a repeating charge.


All you have to do is cancel the subscription you say you inadvertently got, before the next billing in August. And all that’s happened is you got a one-time order at a discounted subscription price.


This user is stating that they hit the one-time payment and it still subscribed.

I really think this was uncalled for. Accidental or not, it’s through their system. The user felt s/he was paying for the one-time purchase and got put on a subscription. Assuming that is accurate, it is not on this user or any of us to assume that Rosa Labs simply had an accident. It’s our job to hold them accountable to get it fixed, not matter what the reason is, and that will protect us if they ever tried to do something like this on purpose (but I stress it is most likely either user error or accidental system error). But still, I did not start this discussion and I don’t think me defending someone who brought this issue to attention should get me attacked for “igniting pointless controversies”. Are we not allowed to ever be critical of Rosa Labs? This discussion has a point and I didn’t even start it, so your post is inflammatory.