Official Tools Thread?


I didn’t see a thread for tools and thought it would be nice to have a one stop place for links to the different tools that people use. I’ve been getting pretty cool links from people here and there for things like blenders, scales, and measuring equipment, but it would be nice if it were all in one place. We have links to the ingredients that people have found over on makesoylent. Why not tools?

I haven’t bought anything yet. I’m still deciding on a few things, but when I get them and try them out I’ll post them here. Anyone else care to share?

Containers of any/all kinds - to store in, to mix in, to drink from
Measuring tools


I think it would be a good idea to pin two things to the top of the forum:

Bug an admin, I guess.


Well it’s difficult partly because there’s so much variety. Amazon is fairly constant I suppose but that already has a very useful rating system baked in. A lot of people will also have stuff from local stores, or items which aren’t made any more. I’m not sure specific recommendations are necessary as everybody has their own recipe, workflow, schedule, available storage space, you see where I’m going. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.


[quote=“spryte, post:1, topic:5280”]
We have links to the ingredients that people have found over on makesoylent. Why not tools?
[/quote] You should make this request in the thread, since it’s a DIY project and completely separate from anything Official Soylent.


There were several discussions that I thought would be helpful if pinned to the top of the forum. There are some pretty extensive threads that have become depositories for info, like the optimal ratio thread, and the interaction thread.


I’m not sure that I understand why it would be difficult. I would imagine that there are just as many people who have bought supplies online as there have been people who’ve bought them from local retailers. It’s not necessarily WHERE they bought them, but what the actual product is.

Sure, people put together their own routines, and figure out what they need, but personally…as someone who’s already put a massive amount of time and effort into putting my soylent recipe together…I’m really kind of tired of researching. Yes, I’m looking for my own stuff, but I’m also trying to gather information from people who’ve already been doing this a while, who have experience with what works great…and what didn’t work out so well.

Maybe someone bought a stick blender, and realized that it didn’t work well. Maybe someone bought one kind of container to carry their soylent to work, only to realize that they needed something different. If someone already found a blender that was of similar quality and capacity to the Ninja blender someone suggested to me in my other thread, that was cheaper than $140, why should I have to spend hours comparing products if someone is willing to share that information?

I don’t know. If you (others) don’t think it would be helpful, that’s ok. I just figure if I’m looking for something specific, I can’t be the only one who’s gone looking/will go looking for it. Really trying not to reinvent the wheel here, because I’m really limited on resources atm.


True that.
I’ve spent probably $400+ on failed DIY soylents.
If the information and lessons learned by earlier DIY soylenters was more easily available and more apparent to visitors and new DIYers it would save people a lot of time and money.


If that’s the case, what failures did you experience? So we all may potentially avoid them.


On topic:

  • Any sort of immersion blender. Especially if you make more than one day batches at a time.
  • If you have to cook / boil anything, an electric water kettle is friggin awesome. (This is the one I use, and it helps in measuring out the liquid to boot.)
  • Mixing bowls & wisks are also awesome (be careful airrating your mix with a whisk, however. Otherwise prepare for gas).
  • Scales. I have the one from the beginner’s DIY, which isn’t that great. Any recommendations?


I can’t imagine making mine with an immersion blender, I’ve never found them very good at blending anything tbh. Personally I would recommend jug-style blenders.

Something I get a lot of use out of is a large funnel. The stem must be wide enough to allow powders through - I think mine is about a cm wide. Some powders flow straight through and some clump, requiring pushing through with a stick. So, wider than 1cm may be preferable.


I have a jam jar filler, which is a funnel with a hole about an inch across. Works great.


Never had a problem with it, though I did get a former gelato chef to show me how to use it which helped a lot.

Addendum for tools:

  • Mortar & Pestle

Question on tools that I think others could benefit from:
I’m currently using almond flour in my recipe, and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for flour mills or grinders that can break this up into a finer powder. I figure a day’s worth to grind through 13lbs isn’t terrible, and could be worth the cost of the equipment in the long run instead of buying blanched almond powder (more expensive), or, better yet, to grind up other ingredients that prove to be a pain for consistency.


It would take a long time, but I find that those little coffee grinders grind stuff up pretty finely.


I bought this scale and am not really happy with it. It doesn’t measure in increments. Like, it measures in grams, but in whole grams, so any ingredients that need to be measured in increments are not exact. Even ones that are measured in whole grams are not exact, because if you need 5 g, it’s not going to show you if you have 5.5g - it just stays at 5 until it’s 6g.


What in the world did you buy?


Return it, just say you’re not happy with it.
Need something like this that specifies 0.1g, or this that specifies milligrams (0.001g).
That manufacturer has dozens to choose from, just click on their name.


Thanks, that’s just what I need. I figured I’d post what I bought up here though so that others could avoid it. It was a recommendation that I got from someone here in another thread.