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Please use this thread to discuss all weight loss goals and successes!

Man down.. need help with DIY. or i will... "diy"

I have been trying to lose weight since 2009. I finally gave up this year and went to the doctor to be put on depression medicine because I couldn’t reach my goal I just got more more depressed. I just sit in the kitchen and look in the fridge and just can’t decide what to eat. When I finally decide it’s usually junk food in my stomach just takes over and I eat way too much. I need to find out someway to do appetite suppression because I already have my soylent and I’m having a hard time eating it as my only source of food. Please if you have any success stories post them here it would definitely help my willpower!!!


So many people do not understand the struggle some of us have with weight. It’s not always about eat less exercise more. Finally the mind body connection is being recognized and depression is a factor. I lost a little weight when I first started Soylent. Like you I am strongly tempted by food. One thing that has worked for me is switching between all day Soylent and 2/3 Soylent. On partial Soylent days I try to have a healthy meal for dinner. But let’s be honest…, sometimes you just want a cheeseburger.


I’m down ~40lbs since starting soylent the beginning of this year, ~60lbs from my top weight, and have a goal to lose ~100lbs more.

I’ve had weight issues my entire life, am not a cook, and have for most of my life just eaten convenience foods (restaurant/fast food/heat & eat/etc) which are largely unhealthy. I too know what is like to stare into the fridge, to go on a binge and to use food as a medicine for the soul. The single time that I tried a “diet” I was able to lose ~70lbs, and stayed there for a good year after quitting the diet, but eventually put it all back on (+10lbs) within a couple of years. That diet did work well for me, but was one that was never meant to be used long term (a vlcd), and to have sustained the weight loss permanently would have meant a lot of time spent in the kitchen, not something that suits me well. It took a lot of time to prep my meals, and not being much of a cook meant a lot of sub par meals for the few months I followed the plan.

To make a permanent change you need to make a lifestyle change, you can’t just use a temporary diet and then go back to your old ways expecting to sustain the progress you made. I love the idea of Soylent. I believe my health has improved greatly the past 6 months from adopting this idea as a lifestyle, and since I did get so heavily into DIY I have learned a lot more about diet, nutrition and health than I ever expected too.

I now have Soylent in the pantry alongside all of my soylent supplies, but being the DIY’er at heart that I now am, and learning what I have this year about health and nutrition it’s hard for me to use Soylent straight up without some modifications. Don’t get me wrong here, they have made a great product, I like the taste and could easily use it long term, but given what I have learned I believe that I can do better to meet my own needs. I have been using a modified version for a couple of weeks now to reduce the calories (weight loss) while keeping full micros since I don’t like the idea of coming up short daily (I’m a big guy to start with, and with an extra 100lbs even more so), and adjusted macros to reduce carbs a bit.

I understand the struggle with weight, and would recommend to anyone who is going through it to also take some time to learn about nutrition. I’ve learned it’s not as simple as just cutting calories, the source of the calories matters as well. Take some time to learn about risks and benefits of different styles of eating (low fat/low carb/etc). I have personally come down on the side of a low carb diet, and plan to practice it going forward. Even a keto diet looks very promising to me, especially for those of us struggling with weight and associated issues. Which means that to reach that goal, I’ll always need to modify my Soylent or practice DIY, until something similar is on the market.


Thank you for all of the replies. Today I decided to have a salad with my Soylent and I couldn’t finish it I was too full. Sometimes when I’m full I still eat anyways. When I went to the doctor that gave me my depression medicine and told him that I was overheating and I was gaining weight he just looked at me and said Celexa doesn’t have calories in it. as a skinny person I’m sure he doesn’t understand how hard it is to say no to food sometimes. I was sure soylent would be the answer because of all the times I spent wishing that I had something healthy to eat, but now that I have it I just don’t seem to want to eat it. I love the taste in the texture and it feels me up but for some reason it’s just not satisfying.


I’ve seen a few posts from people saying something similar about how satisfying or not they find Soylent. It seems the consensus is that it does not cause you to feel full so much as it makes you just not hungry, and that you should eventually get used to the change.

I’m not sure how long you’ve been using Soylent, but hopefully you will get used to this change in feeling soon as well. I’ve been doing it long enough that the difference is the new normal for me, but I do know the urge to overeat, and often in the past would eat every meal to the point of excess.


Weight gain is a rare, but observed, side effect of Celexa, which your doctor would know if he’d cracked a book (or a web site).

If you abandoned a salad partway through today, that seems like a positive sign.


No kidding! I love my salad :slight_smile:


I actually bought a scale! Don’t remember my weight from my last doc visit but it was around 170 something.

Been on diy for under a month, subbing 1-2 meals a day. I use mct oil and extra virgin olive oil.

When I bought the scale I weighted 160.2 and my body fat was at 26.8…Lately and today the weight has remained about the same but body fat has dropped to 19-20%


Body fat scales aren’t particularly accurate, and readings can change a lot if you’re, say, sweaty, or dehydrated, or a bunch of other things. They can probably give you an idea of how you’re trending if you’re careful to always use them the same way, day to day (say, right when you first get up in the morning). If you’ve been doing that, don’t assume the reading is very close to accurate–but it does probably mean you’ve been losing fat.


This is one of the hardest things to get used to at first. It took my a good two weeks almost a year ago on DIY before my body figured it out. Now I have no problem. The first day might be a little rough, sort of like riding a bicycle for the first time in years, but eventually it all works out.


Yep I understand…I take the results with a grain of salt…Take measurements at the same time every day and pay attention to the changes, not the actual numbers


So has anyone else noticed any positive results?


I’ve just tried a DIY version called 100% FOOD for a week. My initial reaction was 'urgh! - How am I going to finish this?"

But with semi-skimmed milk and olive oil instead of just water, I grew to like it. Obviously, seven days is not enough to notice weight loss but I did notice the lack of hunger. Which is way more preferable to feeling fit ti burst after a big meal.

My findings:

Arrives from the US quickly. Packaged well.Bottles are great - one meal mixes in the same bottle.NOT a good taste with water. Better with Semi-skimmed milk and Olive Oil. Keeps hunger at bay. No major changes to bathroom business aside from increased olfactory effects. Possible (not sure) slight bloating in belly. Chocolate v nice but gives slight heartburn after drinking. Prefer classic taste.

I’d love to try official Soylent but as I’m in the UK and reading posts here, it’ll be a long time before I can get some.


You should link to your review videos. (Which are well done.)

BTW, everyone here knows of 100%FOOD–@spaceman is a prolific poster.


I have been doing mostly DIY for two months. Some nights I have a real dinner and on the weekends I usually only consume one day’s worth and try to have other food in moderation the rest of the time. So, I haven’t been very dedicated but it’s not my goal to be on it 100%. That being said, I’ve lost 15lbs and I’m very pleased about it.

I’m losing an average of 1.8lbs a week which is the exact rate I achieved 2 years ago when I lost 40lbs. Except the difference is soylent is almost effortless where as when I’m dieting all I can think about is “how many calories do I have left, can I eat this thing, I probably shouldn’t eat that thing, do I need this, how much do I actually want this, omg I get to eat in an hour, what do I want to eat first, when should I go make it”, etc. Dieting is a very mentally exhausting task for me because I don’t have a healthy relationship with food. Now I don’t think about it and I feel so much more at peace with myself. No guilt, no calorie counting, no obsessing. Oh, and 2 years ago I was also working out for a total of 8-10 hours a week, so that weight loss was aided with exercise. It was only just this week I started easing back into weight lifting and cardio after a year of crippling depression, life, and various foot/ankle injuries (Unrelated to exercise) so I’m curious to see if there’s an upswing in my average in the next couple of weeks. If yes, then awesome. If not, that’s fine too.


Gonna cross post this here, As this discourse is far more active and I have a concern.

?As my body? does not need even a full bottle, should I be concerned?
Starting with day 3 I have been taking a multivitamin in the morning to offset what I may be missing

For those that don’t know. 1 bottle is 650 calories.


If I’m understanding you correctly you’re ingesting less than 650 Calories a day, which is too few for… a human.

At 170lbs and 5’7" your basal metabolic rate (the number of Calories you would burn doing nothing but resting in 24 hrs) is somewhere around 1600-1800 Calories. Here is a calculator you can use to calculate your approximate BMR.

By no means should calorie intake go below 1200 calories per day. Dropping below this level causes the body to hang onto body fat as a way to protect itself against perceived starvation. This can make it very difficult to lose more weight and could cause health problems.


Indeed, I get through around 3/4 of the bottle by 5 or 6 pm and just cannot fathom putting any more food, liquid or otherwise in my stomach.
I have yet to feel run down, still sleeping normally.
Thinking I may have to abandon drinking 100% food at this point. Makes me worried that when I get my soylent (1 week early backer) I will have the same reaction.

Should also say, On the weekends prior to this, I rarely eat more than a meal a day. but during the week its 2 to 3 fast foods a day. Totally unhealthy


This is exactly how I feel. Mentally exhausting and thought consuming to diet. No thinking about food, no calorie counting, no preparation. It just makes FOOD easier. I’ wasn’t trying to lose weight either, but I’m down about 8 lbs in the past few weeks and Soylent for breakfast and some lunches is my only change. I just don’t feel as hungry anymore and I don’t really have any food cravings other than occasionally a small salty snack. Since I’m not doing this 100% anyway, and not trying to diet, I eat the snack if I feel like it. Completely effortless loss of these 8 lbs.