Official Weight Loss Thread


Alright reporting back in at about the 2 week mark. I’m down 4.8 lbs total (of about 60ish to lose). I ended up not being able to handle the taste of 1.4 myself either, and it has chickened me out for trying 1.5. Maybe once you get ‘used’ to a certain thing, you just can’t handle change? 1.4 was making me gag, but then I know there are a lot of folks on here that like it. Tried Chocolate Schmilk and liked it, though still probably like Vanilla Schmoylent the best. Going to get more of both. Also still waiting on a small order of 2.0 to try. Spouse hasn’t tried the chocolate schmilk yet so I can’t report on his reaction.

I was 100% the first week except for 2 fast food dinner meals (so about 80% of total weekly calories). Last week ended up with 4 fast food dinners due to the 1.4 being disgusting and me not having a backup plan until the day after. And yet weight has been holding pretty steady at the loss, even after a fast food meal when I would expect it to shoot back up again it does not, or will only by less than a pound and be back down again next day. The last .8 lbs have been over the weekend when fast food was consumed. Side effect of this stuff seems that my weight bounces around a lot less during the day. I expected that on days I was 100% liquid but am surprised the effect is holding through my high sodium fast food meals. Have been walking every day at work, haven’t been hungry on ~1500 calories a day, except for one day when I stayed up really late so I think it just felt like more than one day to my hunger.

I’ll report my weight again in another week or two, so far so good, best weight loss I’ve had in several years no joke, and though I am counting calories it is very effortless, and I feel great most days. That’s not to say I don’t crave food on days I don’t intend to eat any, but I think that’d be true on any calorie-restriction diet. Oh and the sweetness of the drinks cuts my desire to binge on ice cream/candy bars at the end of the day, I am super surprised at that side effect.


Hello everyone. New user here. I’m a 38 year old male, I’m about 5’11" and started 2.0 yesterday. I have no serious health issues to note other than my weight. Even at my size, exercising is something I can do without physical problems. To start I will add 20 minutes/ day on my bowflex treadclimber and work my way up as my body gets used to the added activity. I have a rather sedentary lifestyle at the moment which I want to gradually change as well.

Jumped on the scale yesterday and was terrified to look as I know I’m very obese. Weighed myself on a digital scale and the result was 359.4. Did not exercise but I will start this today.

I’m starting out very hardcore for week 1 of doing nothing but 2.0 and water or tea to drink. Day 1 only had 3 bottles of 2.0 (1200 calories) which is well below what I normally take or would need. Drank about 120 oz. of water. Years ago I had a personal trainer/ nutritionist help me with weight loss (which I gained back since then plus some). Weight about 300 lbs at that time. He told me that at my size and combines with water loss from exercising, I should be drinking about 1 gallon of water/ day. Sounds like a lot but it really isn’t relative to my size.

Day 2 under way. Jumped on the scale this morning and my weight was 354 (lost 5 lbs). I’ve been through the ups and downs of weight loss my entire life. At my size I realize weight can fluctuate daily by several lbs. I’m sure most all of that 1 day, 5 lb loss is water weight and my body flushing out all of that high sodium I typically consume. I do not plan to weigh everyday. I plan to only weigh once per week from here on out. (On Sunday)

As I said, week 1 will be hard core. I just want to shock my system with low calories, lots of fluids and soylent only, just to rip the band-aid off so to speak. Week 2, I’ll increase my calorie intake with some healthy proteins and introduce some high protein solid food into my daily routine.

More to come. Thanks for all of you who have been posting. Been reading through and am learning a lot from you all.


Hi and welcome! Congrats on your progress thus far. I like weighing once a day and then I take the running average of 5 days and that is what I “count”. But I am lighter than you and less likely to see change week over week if I happen to be retaining water a week later, so I think your plan is a good one. And like I said above, it can still be very encouraging to lose the water weight at the beginning. I think it keeps me motivated to see that at least something is happening.

I am about 7 weeks (I think) into this on my own journey. For soylent tasting update, I did not like 2.0. Chocolate Schmilk has become my fave, but I still use occasional vanilla schmoylent.

I am down about 5.5 lbs total, which might not sound super impressive over 7 weeks, but I gained about 2-3 lbs the week after Xmas and then spent the two weeks after that losing it again. I still consider that a victory. It shows I can overcome hurdles and be back in the right direction. I have been walking about 5 days a week (at work) since the start and am just about to start walk/jogging some evenings, though the calorie burn from all of this is not really enough to make a difference. It comes down to day after day what I consume. Weekends I am still allowing myself fast food. Some weekend days are better than others, sometimes I go overboard and eat at about maintenance calorie level and other days I do a good job and hit the target I want (1500 calories). So still some issues with my weekends if I want to actually lose 1-2 lbs a week that I need to fix (because it will slow me down or stop me if I don’t fix the weekends). I found an English muffin as a snack before my chocolate schmilk dinner is just about perfect for the savory taste I crave and then the chocolate tops me off with a taste of sweet before bed time. Plus I like the fiber in the English muffins. I’ll keep checking on how folks are doing here and try to report back in a couple weeks, hopefully I will have made some more progress by then!


January 19, Tuesday. “Weigh Day” 342. Gained 2 lb so in 218 days I’ve lost 55 lbs total. Well Holiday season is over and I’m back on track again physically, mentally though I haven’t been able to fast yet. To be continued…


Hello piping in for an update. I am down a total of 7.2 lbs in about two months. I am still about 22 lbs from moving from the ‘obese’ category to ‘overweight’.

I had to go back to real food for a week (mon Dieu!) due to running out. I gave in to all my weird savory-food cravings. I ate some weird egg/tuna salad thing for lunches and chicken breast for dinner because I am lazy and wanted something as easy/predictable as my schmilk is. When I got my schmilk back I decided to do half and half, schmilk for lunch and chicken for dinner. Again, this is all calorie control not because I think I need to ‘eat clean’ or some B.S. I am still probably eating fast food for 3 meals a week (way down from my old 10-14). I might go back to lunches AND dinners with schmilk and the same 3 fast food meals next week, I haven’t quite decided. Also will probably experiment with adding protein powder as I am becoming concerned about my protein intake in regards to weight loss / muscle retention.

I started jogging again about 4 weeks ago. That is still humming along okay. Only obstacles seem to be working on my fitness and my obesity. Actually since I jog after work, it’s a lot easier on my stomach if I’ve only had schmilk for lunch. I prefer to jog on a near-empty stomach so the easy-to-digest liquid of the schmilk makes it pretty easy to run on.

That is all. Hope everyone else’s weight loss journeys are going well!


February 18, Thursday. “Weigh Day” 332. Lost 10 lbs so in 246 days I’ve lost 65 lbs total. Thanks Rob Rhinehart To be continued…


Wow that’s awesome, right back on the weight-loss horse after the holidays eh? Great work, you must be really proud. Tremendous start to 2016.


March 17, 2016 Thursday. “Weigh Day 318” 318. Lost 14 lbs!!! so in 274 days I’ve lost 76 lbs total. Had to make some clothing adjustments, they were getting ridiculously big on me. Wife was very happy to help me pick out some new ones. I can now reach the back half of the soles of my feet to wash them! Soylent has been a “gift from the gods” for me. To be continued…


Love reading your updates. Thanks for keeping everyone here up to speed! Gives me hope for my own efforts at weight loss. Enjoy the new wardrobe!


April 18, 2016 Monday. “Weigh Day 305” . Lost 13 lbs!!! so in 307 days I’ve lost 92 lbs total! I was able for the first time in DECADES to put on a pair of socks completely by myself. This ability gives me significantly more personal freedom. I have now rediscovered my “secondary wardrobe” (morbidly obese people usually have more than one) and have put away my scrub tops & stretchy shorts for knit shirts & dress shorts Soylent has been a “gift from the gods” for me. To be continued…


:confetti_ball: We’re going sub 300 next weigh day! :confetti_ball:


Good lord, that’s a heck of a weight-loss pace you’re working up this year. Great stuff — you’re doing so well sticking to it. That’s like 23% of your starting body weight you’ve lost, in what, six months?


Although I am taking this “one day at a time” I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m REALLY looking forward to that also.


Actually it’s been 10 months.


May 18, 2016 Tuesday. Weigh Day I am 297 lbs. Lost 8 lbs!!! so in 335 days I’ve lost 100 lbs total!!!! A milestone!!! I now weigh what I did in the late 1990’s. 140 lbs to go. Long acting insulin down to 35 units @ HS. fast acting insulin is DC (discontinued) unless it’s the “8th day” (I do my Soylent regimen 7 days a week but on the 8th day I eat whatever I want in any quantity I want). Hgb A1c is 5.9 Have had to punch some extra holes in my belts. My stomach is about 5" from the steering wheel instead of rubbing against it. That said the week before last was a rough one. My body just seemed to rebel against the chicken/fish veg. so I listened to it and ate out 3x that week then restarted the 8 day count and eliminated all condiments adding them back one at a time to find the one causing my stomach to rebel. My stomach is happiest with Soylent. Will continue adding the condiments back one at a time after the 8th day. Never seem to have an issue on the 8th day though. Have begun to learn that the new size of my stomach just can’t keep up with what my brain (through my eyes) wants to eat. I begin to feel FULL then STUFFED (new feelings for me as I’m not used to feeling hungry or full). Soylent has been a “gift from the gods” for me. Thanks Rob Rhineheart, MentalNomad, and others.


It appears that these threads have been cut off from so new people who don’t know about these will never be able to read about our experiences about how great Soylent is. I think that’s a mistake.


A milestone, indeed - hearty congratulations!

Weird, isn’t it? We don’t realize that we train our stomach to stretch by treating every day like a feast… until we stop doing it for a long time, and then find that we can’t fit what we used to.

Not quite, but it’s no longer obvious:

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First timer. I have a series of weight loss/nutrition questions

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have been in 2 different hospitals for testing over the 17th time frame next up date in July.


July 21, 2016 Tuesday. Weigh Day I am 326 lbs. gained 29 lbs in 2 months. Reached a point where one of the seasonings I was using was causing me indigestion after about 30 min everyday. Got to the point where I didn’t want to look at broccoli/chicken/fish. Started to eat other things & coupled with being in the hospital it didn’t take long for the weight to start coming back on. (after all I am a food addict) I’m still struggling at this point. I feel like I’m sliding down cliff trying to climb back up. I gain 1 foot only to slide back down 2 more.