Official Weight Loss Thread


I know it can feel that way, but it’s not true. You gained some back, but not nearly all, you still have over 70lbs of progress that is in tact. That’s not insignificant.


Hang in there and get back on track.

I remember fitness trainer saying essentially:

“Everyone falls out of their good habits once in a while. What really matters is how quickly you start again.”

Something like that anyway. So it’s been two months of bad food, start over. Find a new flavoring for Soylent and you’ll be back on track.

Personally I fell “off the wagon” too, been eating real food at restaurants and the work cafeteria all week. I’ll probably continue through the weekend because I’m going to concerts and stuff, and like to have solid food before drinking. But Monday absolutely will be 100% Soylent so I can get back to making progress.


I appreciate the support it means a lot.


Incorrect, sir. You gain two feet only to slide back down one foot. And that is still progress.


Thank you very much I appreciate it.


Its similar with my experience.


I started Soylent 2.0 7.27.16, so still a newbie here. My starting weight was 271 and after just one week I am down to 263.9 (weight this morning). At first I was switching completely to Soylent 2.0 but realized after a few days that would not be sustainable long term. I’ve switched things up to having 3 Soylent 2.0 each day (breakfast, lunch, late afternoon snack). When I get home I give myself the option of having a sold meal with is typically fruits and vegetables and some type of protein (usually hard boiled eggs) or I may just have fruits and vegetables and a Soylent drink.

The interesting thing, when I do eat (because it’s just one meal a day) whatever it is tastes AMAZING! Whether a hard boiled egg w/salt and pepper, watermelon, cheery tomatoes, strawberries, - whatever it is is really satisfying and I honestly have stopped over eating.

The other big take away I’ve experienced is how light my body feels. No more puffy feelings after eating a big meal or feeling bloated in AM. Clothes are fitting better but I know I have a long journey ahead of me…I’ve heard a lot of customer complain about gas on Soylent but I’ve not experienced this…

The one thing I’ve not done is exercise. I like to jog and am curious how my body will respond to 4-6 mile jog now that i’ve been a Soylenter for 1 week, I’ll keep you posted!




I’m doing a similar plan and have noticed my real food meals taste soooo delicious. I had spaghetti the other night & I was literally smacking my lips & rubbing my tummy after like a cartoon character, it was so yummy & satisfactory.

I think having to make numerous decisions all through the day about food & eating various types of food decreases the enjoyment, and maybe even confuses the taste buds.


Possibly — I figured that depriving the taste buds of everything apart from one fairly weak and neutral flavour for a couple of days heightened the experience of eating anything more flavourful.


I think this is true as well. No real evidence just my own personal experience. Since I only eat regular foods at dinner time I have noticed I love a lot more types of foods - the biggest example are chocolates and fish. I used to not favor chocolate all that much, but now I crave 70%+ cacao chocolate, I don’t need nearly as much seasonings to taste my foods, and I love fish these days.

I know taste buds do change and develop with age but I can’t help but think eating Soylent, which has a very neutral flavor, has helped influence my taste buds.


It’s been a hellish 3 months. Overwhelming, unrelenting food thoughts. Cost me over $600/month on fast food (many times delivered) on credit cards no less (which I have to pay back) I fought every step of the way. Drinking SOYLENT was my one sane part of each day. I never gave up and right now I am SUCCEEDING. I’ve got 3 1/2 days so far on my Soylent program. “One min/hour/day at a time” One thing that seemed to finally make progress was as soon as the food thoughts begin is to mentally change the subject NOT HAVE A DEBATE ABOUT IT because I always wind up LOOSING the debate. Another thing that helped was remembering when I was doing well on my Soylent program I frequently watched ASMR (the ones without talking or whispering) and similar videos on Youtube because as most self aware hardcore food addicts know the essence of the food addiction is feeding the brain NOT the stomach. I noticed that I wasn’t watching these videos as much as before. so now I’m watching them again and it seems to be helping. I’m afraid to get on a scale at this point because I’m afraid of how much weight I’ve put on. Right now I’m just concerned with staying on my SOYLENT program for today. To be continued…


Man, that sounds rough. To a much lesser scale, Soylent has highlighted the same thing for me — it stops me being hungry, but it doesn’t stop me wanting various foods for comfort, or taste, or that satisfying reward feeling in the brain.

That’s really interesting that you find ASMR videos to be a distraction. I only heard of ASMR last year (on a BBC Radio 4 programme); I don’t experience it, but it sounds like a fascinating phenomenon.

I think you’re spot on combating this with thoughts. I know some people with phobias, for example of flying, have found distraction exercises really useful. Psychotherapist Linda Blair calls them “thought blockers” and has a few suggestions in her book Straight Talking.

And I think it’s great you’ve kept on having Soylent through these tough times. It’s so easy to feel like wanting to throw in the towel and give up everything when it’s a struggle, to think of the process as all-or-nothing. But nope. You’re still in the game. Every non-junk-food meal is a victory, every addictive thought avoided is another step on the path where you keep yourself healthier than you were before.


ASMR feeds my brain (even without the “tingles”) and it has a satisfying effect. And it’s calorie free!


I’m so tempted to click play, but I won’t. I’m glad it works for you, I just know that would set off my misophonia, and I don’t wanna get pissy at the moment.


That is PORN.

I think.


Finding what works for you - and reaching out when you need it - are valuable skills!


One of the biggest challenges I have always had with any weight loss program is BREAKFAST. I’m not a morning person, so the prospect of getting up 1/2 an hour or more early just to make breakfast is … well, it just doesn’t happen. Soylent has provided me with the perfect, guiltless breakfast alternative!

I know the folks at Soylent are big on the notion of using it to replace EVERYTHING I eat, but I love food too much to give it up. That said, I have found some interesting, and positive, changes in the way I approach food since adding Soylent to my diet.

First, I find is that having a glass (or bottle) of Soylent in the morning means I’m no longer famished by the time lunchtime rolls around. Hence, I don’t overeat when I do go to lunch. It’s also reassuring to know that I’ve got a pitcher of Soylent waiting for me at home if I’m too tired to make dinner.

Second, when I have a glass/bottle of Soylent I know I’m feeding my body, not indulging in emotional eating. It’s about body fuel, not food as a filler for some other, non-nutritional need.

Third, knowing that I have Soylent as my fall-back for sustenance means that when I do have “real” food, I pay attention to it more intently than I used to. I’m not a big junk-food kind of person, but I’ve gotten even more particular about what I have for lunch. I choose foods that are more nutritious, and that have flavors I enjoy. I’ve also stopped having lunch at my desk. I take the time to enjoy what I eat.

Have I lost a bunch of weight? No, but I’m pleased that I’m eating in a more balanced, sensible manner. Baby steps…


I just don’t eat breakfast. Never been much of a breakfast guy, but when I did eat it I would get hungry again earlier than if I had skipped it. Yesterday I didn’t eat until 4pm, today about 1pm… haven’t had a sip since, it’s almost 8… now I kinda want bacon… Gonna head off to get some now, yum.


I have had big food desires myself from time to time on Soylent. One thing that helps for me is to allow myself to eat more – but just Soylent.

But another big problem has been an internal demand for solid food. I think Food Bars might be the answer for that.

As an article in the NY Times pointed out, the body decides what you have picked as a typical weight and when you drop too much below that, it gives you hunger until you get back up to standard. I’m not sure anything has been found to solve that problem.


I may just be quibbling over wording (and I’m very ill-informed in this area), but I thought it was more like our eating habits are harder to change than our body size — so if you drop a bunch of weight, you’ve still got the ingrained habit of eating as much as you need to maintain your old, higher weight, and it’s tough to change those habits permanently.