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According to the bleak NY Times article, which I don’t have at hand, our standard weight has been determined and there is nothing we can do about it; diets are useless and shouldn’t be bothered with. Its primary evidence was that none of the “biggest loser” TV contestents have been able to keep off the weight they lost. I think the article was published about six months ago; I will try to find it.

I found it!

Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet


Excellent, cheers cheers.



My uncle, who stood out like a sore thumb in Britain, weighed over 400 lbs by age 40. Growing up I always remembered him as an exceptionally overweight man.

Then at age 40 he decided to do something with his life. He lost 250 lbs just through dieting alone (he didn’t start exercising until he was far skinnier). Today at age 55 he’s stick thin and runs in marathons regularly, and he’s stayed that way for the past 15 years.

My uncle is proof that NY Times article is complete nonsense. If people work hard enough, they can permanently change their bodies.

What I do agree with is that when people get to their target weight, they tend to revert right back to their old eating habits. That’s why The Biggest Loser contestants have their weight shoot right back up. If you want to truly change your body forever you have to radically and irreversibly change the way you approach food. That’s the key to a successful diet, not a target weight.


To be fair to the article, which I am sure you read carefully and didn’t just trust my summary, it doesn’t say that diets are 100% ineffective, just almost 100% ineffective. So perhaps your uncle is the exception who proves the rule.


I think that’s overstating things.


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Knowing statistically that I will regain all that weight, I will do everything within my power to keep it off:


I just want to share my experience with you guys. I started drinking Soylent 2.0 bottles 27 days ago and I won’t stop it for everything. I got hurt starting back playing badminton and I said that it was enough. I ordered 3 weeks of it to do a trial period and see how it goes. I’m 32 yr old, 6"2 and I was 266 pounds 27 days days ago now 247.8 (-18.2 pounds) and I feel great. I remember having big headache on day 2 and 3 but I just drank more water and took some Tylenol. It was probably the fact that I stopped drinking diet pepsi at the same time. At first I was drinking 3 bottles a day with some veggies (cucumber, celery…) with some low fat yogourt. I try to be around 1600 cals/day. I take some tea extract pills as well. My goal is to be at 25 BMI so around 190-195 pounds. For the social part that people are talking about I can understand it. I was feeling a bit alone at the job for lunch so I turned 3 of my 5 colleagues to Soylent it’s better now lol. For the dinner, my gf and I were eating thing different so it doesn’t change anything. I don’t train at all right now but I’m looking to start some spinning. The hardest period of the day for me is between 8pm and sleeping time (around 11pm) because I got bad habit to eat bad food before going to bed. I found at the supermarket some shirataki noodles that are like…4 cals…and started to like them. Good luck to everyone with your weight loss !


1600 Cals at 6’2", yup that will do it.

At your height and weight you could eat 1900 Cals and loose a pound a week.


Ive been a soylent 1.5, 2.0 user from March 2016 - sep 2016. Now im back eating regular food. Ive been on a healthy diet long before that and it might be strange that i started losing weight from sep after i stopped consuming soylent. I don’t eat a lot of fat in general and i think my body got used to digesting fat easily because of soylent. I would like to go back to soylent diet once they figure out a better formula and hopefully add more fiber.

My diet Mar-Sep 2016
Breakfast : Cereal + soy milk
Lunch + Dinner : soylent
I have lost 5% of my weight since i stopped consuming soylent.
People who consume a lot of fat (saturated) in their regular meals will lose weight if they start soylent and consume only as much is required.


Probably not particularly strange — if I understand correctly, Soylent’s not especially designed for weight loss, so if you’re now eating fewer calories than when you were on Soylent (and all other factors have remained the same), you’d expect weight loss.


Actually I am consuming equal probably more from Sep and that is why I am monitoring my weight (wondering why it’s going the other way)


Gotcha; I guess your new diet is more conducive to weight loss, or maybe your activity levels have changed.


I’m not sure about that. Although I felt more energetic with soylent and its slow metabolism effects on my diet for a while


I confess I drank two solid quarts of Knudsen Egg Nog yesterday, and no Soylent. People who extoll “real food” over Soylent forget what people do with real food, sometimes. Luckily the Nog is gone today and I’m back to Soylent.


I make a batch of egg nog every year. It’s about 50% whiskey. It’s very tasty, but I would never recommend drinking two quarts of it at one sitting. Heck, even two quarts in one day could be dangerous to your health.


I did the same thing, I love egg nog


I guess I’ll dig up this topic and add myself to the “official” topic, lol.

I did a 30 Day All Soylent Challenge (my second in fact), and here are my results.

Starting Stats - 180 lbs, 20% Body Fat
Finishing Stats - 169 lbs, 14% Body Fat

(*Body fat was calculated through an online calculator and probably isn’t 100% accurate. Despite that, it does show improvement.)


Wonder if anyone has used Soylent for at least a year and lost weight, had a yearly blood test.
I like to know the results, along if you workout regularly too.
I only use Soylent when I do not have time to cook, since at 400 calories and not feeling full, I do not see it as a diet aid!


It’s strange, @hongr, but after a couple weeks of drinking a bottle of Soylent for most breakfasts and lunches, it did fill me up. At first I would be hungry after, but now a bottle of Soylent and I’m fine until the next meal. I think your body gets used to it.