Official Weight Loss Thread


Do you work?
Do you also work out regularly?


Yes, I work full time. And I run twice a week, rock climb twice a week, and do some light weight lifting once. And a bottle of Soylent for a meal works just fine.


I actually usually split my 2.0 bottles into two smaller meals. I have two bottles a day (800 cals of my 1200 cal budget). I’ll drink half of one, realize I’m not hungry anymore (I’m trying to avoid ever feeling full), stick it in the fridge and come back for it after an hour or two when I start feeling a tiny bit peckish. I drink two throughout my 8 hour work day. Eat a light meal when I get home and I’m usually good for the night. If I get snacky I grab chewing gum. If I get hungry (not often) I down a bottle of water. I can’t say I don’t ever get hungry, but if I do it’s later in the day after my small meal. The 800 calories of soylent is enough for my first 10 hours of the day.


I do lighter powder mixes during the day, but I don’t think I could do only a half a bottle at at time. The powder allows me to measure 300 calories and mix with water, which I do twice a day so when I eat my dinner I am only at 600 cals for the day. I have done the bottles but they don’t leave me as satisfied for as long as the powder. I get done with a bottle and I want to cut it open and lick the inside, not the case with powder for me at least. Plus I like being at 600 instead of 800 calories before I eat solid food for the day.


I can agree with that. I do feel like the powder is more filling, and I also prefer the idea of being at 600 rather than 800 before solid food; but, the powder just doesn’t taste near as good as the bottles to me. I can drink it, but it ends up being maybe twice a week rather than twice a day like the bottles. One thing that might be helping me drink half a bottle at a time is because I keep a water bottle on hand as well. I drink about one water bottle per bottle of Soylent. I started doing this because I’m trying to drink Soylent as a food rather than a tasty drink. So if I’m not hungry, but I’m thirsty I’ll go for just the water even though I like the Soylent more. Also, I don’t just drink half a bottle of Soylent in the break room and put it right back in the fridge. I sip on it for about two hours before putting it up.


My first week results on 100% Soylent diet. I am drinking 3 bottles per day and trying to walk or run on an elliptical machine daily:


I guess it’s time to post about my weight loss. Some time around mid-April I was at 162/163 pounds and decided to lose some. I’m 5’8", so 162+lbs is on the heavy side. I’m 48 years old, so my metabolism is slowing down, making it easier for me to gain and keep fat on me. I love rock climbing, so I decided to target climbing performance as my goal: Slowly lose weight (slowly to avoid losing muscle) and keep losing until I start losing strength and can’t climb as well. My diet is 50% Soylent 2.0 (every breakfast, about 5 lunches per week, the occasional dinner), no snacking, at most one bite of desserts, no drinks except water, tea, and beer/wine/margaritas. I’ve held to it pretty closely, just the occasional break to have ice cream with my kids or something. I’m aiming for about 1600 calories per day intake, although I don’t count calories precisely for “solid” meals; I just take moderate portions and shoot for still feeling a tiny bit hungry when I finish. Meanwhile I’m also running 8 miles a week (two sessions), rock climbing in a gym twice a week, and doing a short weightlifting session. I will take 20g-ish of whey protein or protien bar either right before or right after a hard workout.

It’s been very successful. Today, about 12 weeks later, I weighed in at 149lbs, so I’ve lost 13 or 14 pounds. Love handles are gone! Stomach is flatter, although no six pack. Pants fit loose and slide off me if I don’t cinch in my belt. My climbing is better than ever - routes in the gym that were hard/impossible became easy. I haven’t been outdoor climbing enough to know, but I assume that has improved as well.

Since I’m stronger than ever despite losing this weight, I’m going to keep at the same diet. The hunger isn’t too bad, although I do get cravings for a big hamburger at times. I thought I’d plateaued a while back but then lost 3 more pounds in the last few weeks. It’ll be interesting to see where I end up.

The best things about Soylent when you’re losing weight is that you know exactly how many calories you’re getting for those meals, and you don’t need to worry about nutrition very much; as long as I drink soylent regularly, I feel healthy with plenty of energy.


I’m loving this site and seeing all the positive (there are some negative) effects that people are having from using Soylent. I started my journey on Saturday July 15, 2017. I received my first order on Friday July 14th. I was going to wait until Monday to start on Soylent but I had a couple of long trips in the car (over an hour to my destination) and decided, hey… why not.

I’ve mentioned in other forum threads here on Discourse that I have been struggling with my weight for a long time. I started going to a weight loss clinic back in January (New Years resolution) and managed to lose a few pounds but hovered in the high range from what I started with when I first started going without much change despite everything that I did.

So when I first started going to the weight loss clinic, I weight in at 240 pounds. (I’m 5ft 9 tall). I hovered around that weight, going back and forth in the range of 236 and 240, sometimes 242 for several months.

I saw someone on another site, using Soylent powder (made into a liquid) as a meal replacement to help lose weight. I was hesitant to even try Soylent due to the price and the fact that I had bad experiences with protein shakes before. (Premier, in my opinion is the absolute worst!). I took the plunge and ordered my first 12 pack of 2.0 and have been quite happy with the results.

When I weighed in (I have an Aria scale to go with my FitBit) on Friday July 14, 2017, I weighed 240lbs. I think I had a particularly unhealthy day that day when it came to food. I didn’t log my food, but have since started doing so.

I have been drinking 1 bottle of 2.0 Original with 1 packet of “hot chocolate” mix from my weight loss clinic pretty much once a day since Saturday July 15, 2017. I eat “normal” and try to eat healthy when I can the rest of the day until my next bottle of Soylent.

I am happy to report that when I stepped on the scale yesterday morning (was going to say “today” as in Saturday, but it’s already after midnight here, making it now Sunday) I weighed in at 228.8lbs.

I can’t even begin to describe how elated I am. In 23 days, I have lost 11.2 pounds on drinking 1 bottle of Soylent 2.0 a day and eating normal. Soylent leaves me feeling full for a good portion of the day after drinking it in the morning. I still try to get in/stay around 2000 calories a day according to my goals set with MyFitnessPal. Some days I’m not so good at keeping it at 2000 or below but for the most part it’s pretty much on target.

I used to be a sweet tea addict (hey, I live in the south and sweet tea is what they put in baby bottles to give to babies… just kidding, I don’t think they really do that but it’s how sacred sweet tea is here. lol). I would drink at least a gallon of sweet tea (with 1 cup of sugar mixed in - not too sweet but not too unsweet to me) in around 2 days. With Soylent, I have found myself drinking more water and weaning myself off the sugar.

I can’t wait for the day that I’m down to 200lbs!


I haven’t read this whole thread but I’m betting my story is similar to many of yours. Up front I’m 49, always been a big guy and had a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

A few years ago I kicked my soda habit, then excess dairy, then fast food. This took me from 372 lbs to about 300 and I plateaued. I then pushed ahead with overall ‘cleaner’ eating and added 20 minutes of exercise 3-4 days per week, I’ve been over weight most of my life so adding exercise was quite a challenge. This got me down to be about 265 and installed out again. I was highly resistant to any diet or calorie counting as I watched many family members fail dismally with these methods.

Last August I finally got a physical, first one since I was 14 (yes, I know that was bad, I got lucky). I discussed my progress and based on blood work the doctor felt there was no risk in trying Soylent.

Monday through Friday I eat Soylent for breakfast and lunch, have a reasonable dinner and weekends I do whatever I please. To be fair, I have become a more conservative eater, eschewing low quality junk food, if I’m going to splurge I do go for quality. I also take a probiotic and vitamin D supplement daily. I did end up counting calories, at least loosely, trying to keep weekdays under 1850. I also make sure I get 6-8 hours of sleep pretty consistently and some kind of exercise 4 days a week.

Got another physical last week, down to 232, blood sugar down 7 points, LDL down 9 points, all numbers about dead center of ‘good’ or slightly better. Doctor’s advice, keep doing exactly what you are doing.

I now weigh a few pounds less than when I got married, doubt I’m getting back to high school weight but it’s so great to not shop in the Big-n-Tall section again.

I have to chalk a lot of this up to the convenience of Soylent. Don’t under estimate the value of easy, nutritionally balanced and cheap.


ive been using soylent sporadically ever since the diy days, i work in the oil field and barely home, work long hours, 84-100 a week, when they came out with 2.0 i started using it a bit more, then flavors came out, started using it even more, now they got cafe flavors with caffeine and now im trying to go 100%, this last month i went 100% except for maybe 1 meal a week, i have 3 bottles a day, im 40 5’5" started at 205lbs im now at 190, plan on staying on it for 95% of my meals till i get to maybe 160lbs then i plan on upping my intake to 4 or 5 bottles and try to build up some muscle and throw in some cardio.


You weigh 190lb, you work in an oil field, and you are living on 1200 cal/day?!? That is nutso! You would lose weight on 1600, you would probably lose gradually on 2000. Go a little easier on yourself, geez.


Fantastic work! I’m happy to hear we could be a part of your weight loss goal / achievement.


I saw a keto soylent knockoff online yesterday. it was called keto for him and keto for her. Check it out! maybe it’ll suit you!


Adding naked casein to Soylent 2.0 is actually pretty tasty and brings up the protein 26g without adding any extra bs and just 110 calories, if you’re cutting calories you still need quite a bit of protein to minimize muscle loss and keep metabolism up and from what I’ve read casein is slow metabolizing protein and better for weight loss


I am always reading in the New York Times that many people are consuming too much protein.


i only have 3 bottles of 2.0 a day so im only getting 1200 calories and 60g protein, most apps say i need 1500 calories and around 150g protein since i am also exercising, i would rather just add protein powder and a fewer calories than have another bottle of 2.0, also watching my macros.


Got a link?

I’m searching around and all I find is Labrada Lean Body for Her, which is not a full meal replacement, just protein, and doesn’t claim keto.


I have the opposite issue. My condition makes me borderline underweight, but I am at a weight that I haven’t been at for over 3 years. I’d probably would have never achieved these results without the help of a product like Soylent.

There were times when I would be down to around 103 pounds (5’4"). This might sound like a blessing to those that struggle with weight issues, but it isn’t all that great. It’s important to have weight-insurance when it’s the next time for me to go to the hospital, because you are guaranteed to lose weight at the hospital, for a number of reasons.


So another achievement was reached today!

Today I saw a new number on my scale. It’s been a number that I haven’t seen in quite some time (at least 2 years). It’s a small achievement but it’s an achievement none-the-less. Since I set my goal in January to lose weight, I have lost 14 pounds. When I started on Soylent, that seemed to really help. Almost a month ago, I reported that in 23 days I had lost 11.2 pounds. My weight hasn’t been consistently dropping as quickly as what it seemed to be doing at my last report, but it’s still going.

Now to keep it up and lose another 30 pounds. When I lose another 30 pounds, I will be at a weight I haven’t seen in over 15+ odd years ago. My ultimate goal is to lose another 60 more pounds to be at 165.

I started out in January at 240 and weighed in this morning at 225.4.


I would like to update as well! I am now down 32 lbs (5’2” from 222 to 190). The last couple of weeks I’ve been stuck right around 190 and I can’t seem to break into the 180’s, but that’s my own fault as I’ve been out of town a lot and not eating as well as I should. On weeks that I know I’ll be eating worse on the weekend I’d like to cut my calories back more severely through the weekdays. The issue with that is I want Soylent, but two Soylent meals only allows me for one very small solid food meal when I get home from work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I would love to see a diet (low calorie or adjustable calorie like with the old oil bottles) Soylent Drink. That said I am very happy with my progress and while I think I could have done this without Soylent I do really appreciate how easy it is and the fact that I know I’m getting more nutrients and I have more energy than a normal calorie restricted diet. Thank you Soylent!