Official Weight Loss Thread


From today’s Science Digest:

“Avoiding continuous dieting may be the key to losing weight and keeping the kilos off, the latest research shows. Researchers showed in a randomized controlled trial, that taking a two-week break during dieting may improve weight loss.”

They dieted for 60 days, with one group taking a two week break every two weeks, the other group continuously dieting for 60 days. When the group went off the diet they went back to a weight maintenance diet; they didn’t go hog wild. It appears that the change in amount of food intake gave them an advantage.

Not only did the diet break group lose more weight, they kept the weight off better after the 60 day period ended, according to the study.

Of course, studies like this should be taken with a grain of salt, but it was interesting.


I am in the same boat trying to break the 170’s


Ride it out. A couple weeks later and I’m down to 187. I had a three week plateau then lost 2lbs each the next two weeks.


I’ve actually seen something about this before. There’s a calculator out there somewhere that helps you estimate your caloric intake given how much weight you’d like to lose in a week, but in addition to that it has an option to check to fluctuate the daily calorie limit. It had a name but I don’t remember what it was, something something zigzag. And I’ve heard on other forums that cheat days once a week are supposed to help as well. I usually end up overeating unintentionally once every week or two, so unless I’m doing something specific like going to party I don’t give myself cheat days or fluctuations. It just happens naturally for me.


So, you probably want to make sure you are paying attention to clothes size or BF% instead of just pounds.
I have been stuck around 250 for about a month now but I am wearing a pants size smaller.
Could be due to muscle mass gain since I am working out 3 days a week.

Point is, pounds is only a secondary target. Body composition is more important.


Agreed. Pounds don’t matter quite as much, but for most people they are a good indicator of what’s going on. Since everyone knows muscle weighs more than fat you might not lose much weight or every quickly becuase you’re gaining muscle mass. For me, I’m just dieting not gaining muscle but I still have a backup to compare to if I ever hit a wall there. I mainly look at pounds for my weight loss but I also take progress pictures and measurements every 10 weeks. Each 10 weeks so far (on week 31 now) I have lost slightly less weight than the time before but I have lost more inches and my progress pictures are more notably better. I’m now down 40#'s and counting!


for me the best indicator is body fat %… you can look completely different at same weight and height if body fat is different. or at least that’s my opinion… whatever the case, thanks a lot for some methods that i have read here through your posts. i appreciate it a lot. do you people mind if i am going to have some other questions for you as i can see that you know these things much better than me. I’m struggling with weight loss for a really long time, and since today i searched for answers on , i really hope you can help here! thanks!


So it’s been about 2 months since I updated. Just wanted to gloat that I am down 46.6 lbs now. I’m still drinking 1-2 Soylent drinks a day, with 1-2 small meals making up anywhere from 1100-1300 calories a day. My husband has switched from 1.8 to 2.0 as well for the ease of use. Gotta love this stuff.

Anyone else notice that Chai doesn’t seem as filling as Original?


It’s progress picture/measurements week for me so I thought I’d chime in with an update. As of this morning I’m an even 52 lbs down. Same routine as before. I found it difficult for a couple weeks to keep up with as I was off work and spent a lot of time snacking, but I’m back on track and luckily still on schedule.


I can’t add new info, but I don’t think MJ is a diet drug. It famously makes people hungry.


So with all the holiday’s past I’ve been having trouble getting back on the bandwagon with dieting. I’ve still been having 2 bottles of Soylent drink on work days but I feel the need to eat as soon as I get home, and then I get peckish again before bed. Eating fast food with friends hasn’t helped either. It’s been hard to track my calorie intake.

Start weight 222.2, Lowest weight 166.8, Current weight 171.6, Goal weight 110 (might adjust later).

As you can see I gained a couple of pounds back, which isn’t such a great feeling when I have been -trying- to actively diet. So starting as of yesterday I’m going to try a one month stint on 100% Soylent. So three bottles, or 1200 calories a day. I might drink 4 bottles if I feel hungry or if I’m doing a lot of exercise on day. That should be plenty to sustain me and get me to a healthy rate of loss. I’m excited to try a 100% Soylent diet, and I’m excited to see the results.


I’ll post an update also.

I started trying to lose weight in April '17, when I was 162/163 lbs. By mid-July I was down to 149. I dropped another couple pounds, then decided to hold steady for a while; I managed to keep my weight in the high-140’s, but I’ve decided to start losing again and am now down to 145. Target is probably about 140, then I’ll hold steady for a while more before deciding whether to keep losing or not. I’m having Soylent for breakfast and lunch and a moderate dinner. I exercise a lot, and am watching carefully for any signs of strength loss. If I see that happen, I’ll stop losing right away, since my goal is to get the best strength/weight ratio I can to improve my rock climbing.

One thing I notice is that when I’m losing weight, everything tastes so much better. :slight_smile: Plain Soylent, which is usually kind of blah, is wonderful and creamy for me right now!


I’m 7days in on 100% Soylent 2.0 cacao. Down 7lbs and I’m feeling great so far.


On day 16 100% Soylent 2.0 and 1.9 powder. Down 12lbs. Still feeling good. Only doing 4 meals a day 1600 calories plus some supplements. Water, black coffee and cinnamon tea are the only stuff I’m drinking. The 1.9 powder is alot less gritty than 1.8 really tasty.


Hi everyone. I just started a week ago a 50% Soylent daily diet after reading some posts here. So I wanted to share my progress just because of some particularities of my process, so if it ends up working for me, someone may find this useful. I’m 37yo, 6.1ft, 279lbs.

I have a leg disability, that limits a lot my options for exercising, and I had stomach cancer 13 year ago, so my options on trying conventional healthier life-styles are narrow. I recently talked to a personal trainer that helped me figure out I can successfully exercise on a spin Bike since I could move the pedals with only 1 leg and the other would just follow the movement. So, I’m doing 1hr of bike at 14-15 mph, around 350-400 calories a day.

And started by replacing my food habits with 50% of soylent ready to drink. I obviously did not loose any weight yet in 1 week, but I’ll tell you, I’m feeling much better in general, better digestion too, better sleep time, and even my problematic leg is hurting less.

The only problem I’m having is with the taste of the Soylent drink I’m having, I tried the Cafe Cooffiest, and I can’t drink it everyday, I tried the Cocoa one, is better but for some reason I feel super hungry after.

Do you guys have any recommendations, in terms of flavors and a way to not stay hungry as hell right after drinking soylent? By the way, I’m drinking Soylent and always having a banana or an apple together.

Thx for sharing your stories everybody!


My idea is that obesity is caused by addiction deliberately brought about by companies that sell food, mainly by using additives like sugar. If you can beat the addictions, weight should be easy to lose.

One food that seems not to be addictive is Soylent. I have never heard anyone claim that they just can’t stop drinking Soylent.

So, I would say that If you are still hungry after drinking Soylent, have some more. The important thing is not so much what you consume, as what you don’t consume. First, stop the pattern of addiction by not consuming addictive foods.

I hope this makes sense. It’s a theory I have been considering for awhile. If your next message is that you drank 16 bottles of Soylent and just can’t stop, I will have to find a new theory.


Make sure that you’re eating enough calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, then you need to be in a deficit, but try to make it a reasonable deficit. There are plenty of calculators online that will estimate how many calories you should consume each day to lose/maintain/gain weight. It’s entirely possible that you’re not eating enough Soylent for your body’s needs and that’s why you’re hungry afterwards. Of course, another equally likely possibility is that your body is used to overeating and it simply needs adjust to proper eating.

Eating TOO LITTLE will grant short term results, but will make it almost impossible to lose weight for the long road.


Hey Geneven and JustSnilloc, thanks for your ideas on this, it is really helpful to read your well thought feedback for me, I appreciate that. Thank you.

And yes, I’m trying to bring down my sugar consumption too. Hopefully will make me less dependent of having to feel full to be satisfied. On a strange note, I added my daily habits for the past week on a app to track my progress, and looks like I’m not consuming the necessary calories my body needs, around 1100 less. And weirdly I’m burning too much with exercise, around 600-700 cal a day, which I assumed it’s better burning consumed calories than not consuming to keep it lower. Gotta check that.

Once again thanks for you feedback, hopefully soylent will help me loose the weight I need and keeping me healthy :slight_smile: Have a great day fellas.


i add naked casein protein powder to my 2.0, it thickens it up and bumps up the protein with minimal calories added, its a slow digesting protein so it keeps you feeling full longer.


So many people in society looking to blame someone else for their own (fixable) problems. Preferably a big company, so they can sue and get money. “…obesity is caused by addiction deliberately brought about by companies that sell food…”. Wow!