Official Weight Loss Thread


Well, put a bunch of unneeded sugar in a product and notice that sales goes up. Then change the formula and get promoted because you are selling more. Did you do it deliberately? Yes. Does it foster addiction? Yes.


I’m currently going 30 days without Soylent… definitely not easy…


And what are you doing instead? Eating at Taco Bell?


Trying to eat healthy. Stopping for a month as the family is worried it was the cause of my kidney stone. I doubt it, but to make the family happy I’m giving it up for a month. I REALLY miss my Soylent.,…


Sorry – I forgot you were the kidney stone guy. My sympathies. You should be able to find healthy things on your own; it’s just more trouble, as you know. Good luck. I had a lot of success with a book called Eat to Live, by Joel Fuhrman, some time ago.


Day 36 down 20lbs still 100% soylent 4 servings 1600 calories a day. I’m doing v1.9 cocoa powder 100% now. The 1.9 powder tastes great and it doesn’t give me any stomach issues, unlike v1.8.