Official Weight Loss Thread


Well, put a bunch of unneeded sugar in a product and notice that sales goes up. Then change the formula and get promoted because you are selling more. Did you do it deliberately? Yes. Does it foster addiction? Yes.


I’m currently going 30 days without Soylent… definitely not easy…


And what are you doing instead? Eating at Taco Bell?


Trying to eat healthy. Stopping for a month as the family is worried it was the cause of my kidney stone. I doubt it, but to make the family happy I’m giving it up for a month. I REALLY miss my Soylent.,…


Sorry – I forgot you were the kidney stone guy. My sympathies. You should be able to find healthy things on your own; it’s just more trouble, as you know. Good luck. I had a lot of success with a book called Eat to Live, by Joel Fuhrman, some time ago.


Day 36 down 20lbs still 100% soylent 4 servings 1600 calories a day. I’m doing v1.9 cocoa powder 100% now. The 1.9 powder tastes great and it doesn’t give me any stomach issues, unlike v1.8.


Hey everyone! I’m new to Soylent and I’ve been through about 4 cases of 2.0 now. I’ve decided that it’s finally time to get my weight under control.

I am 21 years old (I’ll be 22 in a few weeks), 6’2", and 260lbs. My goal is to get to 200lbs by my birthday next June.

I am planning on going on a diet of mostly Soylent. During the summer when I am not very active, I’ll be drinking 4 bottles a day with some solid food to supplement the missing 200 calories to get to a 1800 Cal per day total.

During the college semester, I’ll be stepping it up to 5 bottles or more due to high activity (I am a firefighter for my college town). I don’t plan of completely shutting out solid food when I am at social events, but I will keep my caloric intake constant.

I would like to chronicle my progress here to keep myself accountable. With my first bottle of the day, I wish the best of luck to you all!


Hey Jesse, it’s always awesome to see people looking to better themselves. It’s even more awesome to see it actually unfold. That being said, if you would indulge me, I think there are a few things worth mentioning here that will help you reach your goals.

First and foremost, you should be eating more calories. At your age, height, and weight, even if you are mostly sedentary, you should be burning 2700 calories a day. When it comes to caloric deficits, bigger isn’t always better and it can even become a bad thing. The concept of diminishing returns certainly applies here. Keep your caloric deficit reasonable, and you’ll keep your metabolism strong. If you do that and stay consistent, you won’t have to worry about plateaus. What is a reasonable deficit? One that is 1-2x your bodyweight, just subtract that from your TDEE and you’ll have a good number to stick with. So you have between 2440 and 2180 calories for your current goal. Where in that range should you stick to? We’ll talk about that with expectations.

Second, a simple truth to keep in mind as you formulate your plans, "Nutrition will determine body mass, while activity will determine body shape". What that means is that everything you eat and drink will determine whether you gain or lose weight, and the grand total of your physical activities will determine what sort of shape your body adapts to. If you only change your nutrition with a goal of weight loss, you’ll simply be a smaller version of what your body has currently adapted to. I highly recommend adding strength training (for shape) and HIIT (for energy) to your activities through the week. You will not only prefer how you look and feel because of it, but you’ll also reach your goal faster. The concept of diminishing returns also applies here, you don’t need to train more than an hour a day (90 mins max), and it’s entirely possible to get a great workout done in 30 minutes or less. Following a competent program makes a huge difference (as opposed to making it up yourself), and a program that I would suggest would be ATHLEAN-X (YouTube). I’ve gotten good results following the AX-1 program, and I’ll link some pictures at the bottom of this.

Third; understanding expectations. After you get past the first few weeks (where a lot of fluctuations will happen), losing 0.5-1% of your weight each week is reasonable. So if you stay consistent, your reasonable expectations are as follows, one month from now you could be from 255 to 250, three months from now you could be from 244 to 228, six months from now you could be from 228 to 200, nine months from now you could be from 214 to 175, and one year from now you could be from 200 to 155. It will require a lot of patience and consistency, it may even require sacrifice at times, but it’s within reach. What if you don’t reach these numbers? No big deal! Progress is what is most important. Take pictures along the way, track your food in MyFitnessPal, and keep yourself accountable.

I look forward to seeing your progress, keep us updated! And as promised, here is my three years of progress and six months of ATHLEAN-X.



Thank you for your encouragement and input. I a quite new to all of this, so I welcome your suggestions. I had calculated my caloric intake via a few websites that use the “Mifflin-St Jeor Equation” that calculated similar number to your suggestion, and a lower one for more rapid weight loss.

I appreciate the advice, because I don’t want to harm myself trying to get in shape.

I will check out that workout program too! Thanks for the encouragement!!!


thanks for this! I need to get in more exercise to “change the shape.” :slight_smile: