Official word on shelf life of Soylent?


What would be the shelf life of Soylent? Does humidity and temperature effect it if left in the packaging it was shipped with?


Well there’s no Soylent Green here lol


unless the package is broken, I believe it shouldn’t be affected. they are sealed airtight. I read that shelf life if dry would be over a year for the powders, but I can’t remember the source, so a check up on that would be necessary


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We’re probably going to stick with 1 year shelf life when kept in cool dark place, thought it’ll likely be much longer in actuality.

What is the Shelf Life likely to be?

what about after it is mixed with water? how long can i keep it prepared, if i was to make like 5 days worth and put it in the fridge and pour my days worth in a bottle.


I’ve use beta Soylent up to 3 days after mixed with water and refrigerated. Haven’t tested beyond that because it gets consumed.