Oh man, hope things don't go south from here




Let’s get the filthy convict one of these. We can throw fruit at him and bark like a rabid crowd. He’s been baaaaaaad


I’ll bring the pitchforks if you bring the torches.


What would happen if he does get put away for 2 years? Would the company be able to function as usual but with a temporary replacement? I’ve never thought about what happens to companies when CEOs go to jail before.


Someone else will take over and hopefully give control back when he gets out.

Anyone else find the antiestablishment angle amusing? Rob would have been fine if he had hooked it up to the grid. Uh huh. I just wonder who he pissed off to get in this much trouble.


With only a 4k fine I don’t see how he could get 2yrs jail time, seems off to me


If he gets put in jail for that, I will have lost all respect for the criminal justice system.


You don’t know; he might be into S&M.


You still have respect for the criminal justice system?


I’ve already burned my house down, and looted the neighbors fridge for survival.


Your neighbors keep Soylent in their fridge?


He’s white, male and not broke. As long as his lawyer can keep him from arguing with the judge, he’ll be fine. Or fined. :wink:


This is a time of crisis, I had to make deal with their Baked Honey Ham, Souffle, and Wine.
It’s hard ya’ll.
Do you know how hard it is to scavenge when your beloved neighbors are there with their children who keep looking you in the eye and asking, "What are you doing in our house? Who are you? Why are you eating our food?"
Some people just don’t understand.


Do you write for The Walking Dead?



Being male might get the book thrown at him, definitely would help to be female. If he’s not old but not young (say like 30 yrs) he might have a chance. I’ve read glasses help. Also schedule your appointment in the morning so your judge will be in a hurry to get to lunch and won’t have time to think about your punishment.