Oil Blend Weight


So since I started the Official Soylent journey this week. I have been precisely weighing the amount of water I put in. I like 1.5liters/1500(g/ml) of water with Soylent powder and oil blend.

One thing that is odd though is the oil blend says it is 58.2ml, but the last two days I checked it was only around 3-5 g/ml off. I know this isn’t a lot but I was just wonder if anyone else noticed this.


When measuring water, grams and ml are the same by definition. Most substances do not have a density of 1, so the measurements will be different. (technically the density of water changes with temperature, but at room temperature it is very close to 1).

I would also expect a small amount of oil to stay in the bottle due to its high viscosity.


I just made tomorrows soylent and after weighing everything the oil that came out of the bottle was around 55-56ml at most. I’ll try to wash one of the bottles to find out the weight of those to compare. I haven’t ever thought about weighing the soylent powder, but I might start doing that too.


weighing the oil to find out how many ml it is? why don’t you just measure it?


I haven’t been weighing the oil or powder for consistency. Keep in mind a couple of things if your going to do this, this advice would work for the powder as well.

First, the bottle weight may vary some. So, if you are weighing it in the provided bottles this could contribute. For consistency, you would need to poor the oil into a separate container that has already been placed on the scale and has been zeroed.

Second, there have been reports of some bottles leaking during shipping. So, if you have noticed any oily film on some of your bottles you should expect those to be short.

Finally, both canola oil and the fish oil should have a density of about .92g/ml. So you should expect to have about 53.54g/bottle, if your able to empty the entire content of the bottle.


I weighed 4 pouches. I emptied each pouch into a container and the weight varied between 446g-467g. It’s a large variation so I would assume they are not using an automated process to fill the pouches and do it by hand?


No way they are filling pouches by hand. That’s just too many things to go wrong.

I’m guessing the dust off factor when filling and emptying is the discrepancy.


Nah, I made sure the pouches were totally empty and 21g of Soylent is a lot of powder.


For some reason, when I got my 4 weeks supply, I weighed all the bottles. They all weigh about 71g. plus or minus a couple of tenths of a gram. I didn’t try weighing the bags.


The bottles say 58.2ml on the bottom so I would presume the oil that comes from the bottles is near that number but it is less 2-3ml off consistently.


That is what I am getting to 71-72g from filled oil blend bottles.

Maybe I’ll start keeping a log off all weights of everything just to get an idea of the variance.


The official nutrition facts say the oil adds 19 g of fat. The oil is basically entirely fat. It could also be 18.5 rounded up. So that would be maybe 55.5 g or 57 g.

Also, as previously mentioned, oils tend to be about 0.92 g/mL. That’s what this site says for canola (rape seed oil).