Oil bottles opened in shipping


Hey All,

A few of my week shipments appear to have oil bottles that opened during transit. Some of them are near empty. Naturally I’ve emailed info@ to get replacements, however I was wondering if this experience is common in these early shipments.

Anyone else had issues? Is the remaining oil still considered good or does it spoil? Package design change suggestions?



Mine all came in fine, but I still can’t figure out why it wasn’t a mylar pouch or something of oil instead of an expensive bottle.


Yes, I had a bit of leakage. Lids seemed not screwed tight enough.


I suspect its more about securing the bottles better in the box than the bottles themselves. Once fedex bounced it around a good bit, the little guys didn’t stand a chance.


Adding a shrinkband on the bottles prior to shipping could be a quick fix.


My biggest concern is that I have 2+ months sitting here in my kitchen, if other bottles are “loose”, will the oil be good when it comes time to use it.


I had the same issue where two or three bottles out of my shipment were opened enough to leak.
I ended up opening every box and weighing the oil.
Even ended up having 1 week missing 1 oil bottle.

I’ve also emailed info@soylent.me about it with similar concerns.
I’m using the weeks that had no spillage first.
I’ve also noticed that there is a small popping sound when you open a new bottle.
The loose ones that leaked didn’t do that, not sure if there’s a seal i’m not seeing or what.


Probably because its liquid and a mylar pouch wont stand up as well as a bottle. Thats just a guess though.



Until we hear back from Soylent guys, use the full bottles first! (roughly 71.2 grams in weight). Rancid oil can make you very sick.


Out of the 4 months I received, I had two loose oil bottles. I just figured it was an early shipping issue.

Anyway, I sat those two bottles aside, and checked them all. I noticed that all of the oil bottles would make a slight sucking sound when opened. Except the two that leaked (obviously).

I sat those two bottles aside. And will just use one of the bottles full of canola oil to replace it. I figure a couple days without fish oil won’t bother me much.


Similar thing here. Out of 5 weeks worth, 2 bottles looked like 1\10th seeped out and 1 bottle lost about half its contents. None of them appeared to be opened or lose, more like the oil leaked out.

Judging by the packaging, these poor boxes had a rough trip across the US. Were your boxes particularly beat up?


Not particularly beat up. There weren’t any holes or things in the boxes, just a bunch of scruff marks.


Hey @JulioMiles, @MattCauble, another idea, even quicker/cheaper than putting shrinkbands on individual bottles: Maybe just wrap a rubber band around the seven bottles (seven round bottles make a nice hexagon shape with one in the center). Or use tape, if latex allergies are a concern. Could tape the bottles to one of the pouches, too. Strength in numbers: with the bottles bound together, maybe they won’t get banged around in the box as much as when they are loose single bottles.


I just received my 5 weeks of Soylent. It was packaged as a large 1-month box (which when you pop it open turns into 4 separate 1-week boxes) and also a 1-week box on its own. The 1-week box’s oil bottles were slimy/oily as if they had been leaking, while the ones inside the 1-month box were fine.

Not a big deal to me right now, I can just top off with my own oils from my DIY stuff in the mean time, but this is something that they should look into.


Interesting, I think I’m going to have to open all my boxes to check. The one week I have opened the bottles had a slight film of oil on them but that was all (I think).


That supports the idea that the bottles getting banged/shaken around in the box is part of the problem. The 1-week box is more likely to get pitched/thrown on/off trucks by delivery workers trying to work fast; the 1-month box is less throwable.


I recommend refrigeration or freezing for longer shelf life and freshness. Since it’s hard to be certain that the seal hasn’t been broken during shipping, it’s better to be safe than to be consuming potentialy rancid oil.


Just requested that the warehouse ship out your replacement oil bottles, sent you an email.

That’s no good! How many were affected? I can get replacements shipped out ASAP.

Just found your email to info@soylent.me, we’ll get you replacements shipped out tomorrow. The bottler evacuates the remaining air from the bottles and replaces it with an inert gas to prevent spoilage, that’s the hiss you hear when you open the bottles.

We can definitely ship out replacement bottles for you.

I’ll get three bottles shipped out you.

Let me know if you’d like replacements. We are definitely working to resolve this issue as quickly as we can!


Thanks, but it’s probably only the one bottle. I’ll live!


I’ve only made 2 batches but I’m pretty sure neither of them had a hissing or popping sound when opening the oil bottle. I’ll pay more attention tonight when I mix tomorrow’s batch but should the hiss/pop be pretty easy to hear or is it very quiet?