Oil bottles shipped with our Vegan Soylent 1.1


Just got our first order of 1 week of Soylent 1.1, and as with our first two orders of 1.0… they’ve again included the oil bottles. Go figure!

@JulioMiles you wanted to be apprised of this before, so I’m tagging you here again.

If anyone would like 7 bottles of fish oil, let me know and I’ll send them to you for shipping cost.


Try tagging @Soylent as well for a quicker response.


Ah good point, thanks for doing that. :slight_smile: Not that I really need a response… just figured they’d want to know that their fulfillment center(s) are again/still shipping oil with some Vegan orders.


Hey! Got my shipment yesterday. Will be restarting with 1.1 this weekend after blood work and physical. Have you tried it? Thoughts?


Yep just tried it last night… you’ve probably seen my post already but just in case…


Oh, no! I’m sorry. I hope they hear you. Personally, I like the less sweet, but the thinness is off putting.


Yep… the sweetness (or lack of) I could/can probably adjust to. I like 1.0 better, but it’s not that drastic a change. But the consistency is a really big problem.

All day yesterday as I was working on our first pitcher of 1.1, I kept noticing I was hungry and looking over at my Soylent thermos… and then deciding not to take a drink.

It’s basically turning into something I will consume only because I have no better option and if I don’t, my body doesn’t work so good. What an unfortunate turn of events, as Soylent had made us so incredibly happy about our food choices for the first time in decades at least.


I just found out that my the last month I received under subscription shipped without the oil. I’ve never chosen the vegan option, and this never happened under subscription before.


Oh wow that’s backwards. Well hey do you want ours? Got 7 bottles here we’ll never use. If you want them, PM me and we can work out the details.


Any updates on the brownies? When to expect them?


Oops I didn’t see this until just now! I sent updates through kickstarter but I don’t know if people saw them.

I had some serious back problems flare up late in December, that had me totally out of commission for a week or so. Then just when I was starting to recover… I overdid it and threw myself into a tailspin. Almost the entire rest of January was spent hobbling around like I was 100, and spending tons and tons of time in bed and on ice. I finally just in the last couple days have been feeling like myself again, which of course means I’m prone to overdoing it again! So I’m still being very slow and careful about how I move, what I do, etc. But it does mean that, once we have more than 1 bag of Soylent to our names (eek!) I will be up to standing long enough to finally bake the brownies.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just going to have to make a bunch of small batches, rather than just one or two larger batches. I don’t know why, but every time I try to scale up a batch to a full bag of Soylent, it just doesn’t come out right. I can’t explain it, but it’s happened several times now. Very annoying. But small (1 cup of Soylent) batches seem to come out quite well. Go figure.

Anyway, hopefully we get our next 28 bag delivery in a week or two, and I can get these out to everyone at last. The delay has been most annoying, though my desire for a brownie baking education has definitely been fulfilled! :smiley:


Oh, no! I’m sorry to hear about your back. Sounds horrible. I hope you are healing. I was curious, but not overly concerned about when I get them.

Also, I have 2 weeks of the one of the versions of Soylent. Don’t remember which one. Not original and not the latest. Were there only 3 versions? The one that was less sweet. If you need some in a pinch. :smile:


Thanks so much for the offer, I’ve been right on the cusp of contacting you again in a lack-of-Soylent-panic. LOL Thankfully the last few days have seen large strides in my healing at last, after weeks of pain that seemed like they would never end. I’ve re-done my office to hopefully address the horrible ergonomics that were a major contributor to this issue in the first place, so hopefully it will not bother me again!

We now have one bag of Soylent left, which will get us through tomorrow, and based on the Fedex status of our 7-bag order It will probably be here tomorrow or maybe Thursday. So worst case I think we’ll have a 1 day gap. The bigger concern is how quickly the other 28 bag subscription shows up! It’s supposed to charge tomorrow or the next day, in which case it will ship a few days later (in theory! lol) and hopefully get to us just in the nick of time. I’m currently padding my meals with other stuff to stretch things out, but the notion of having zero Soylent again for any extended period makes me cringe! Ahhh how spoiled we have become!

Thanks again for the offer, you’ve been way too kind… an all too rare quality! :grinning:


I’ve still got some 1.0 if you’d like to use that.


Thanks, it’s much appreciated! It looks like our Soylent should be arriving soon though so I think I’ll just hang in there. Should probably be arriving just when I’m back to feeling 100% again. Can’t wait… been missing brownies!