Oil Droplets Stick on My Cup


Hi guys,
I am really new to Soylent, and 1.4 is the only version I have had so far.

I noticed that the first cup of Soylent I poured from the pitch will always left many sticky yellow oil droplets on my cup.
Though I know that oil doesn’t dissolve in water well, but this just made me wonder whether I actually ate all the stuff from Soylent.

Am I not mixing Soylent properly? Or if this a common phenomenon?

Thanks a lot! =)


It’s actually pretty good in my opinion; it is standard practice for me. If you let the water set in it for a minute or two and “swirl”, most of the residue on the sides dissolves into the water. Of course, unless you want a full second portion of mostly water there is still the residue on near the top where the water didn’t reach, but swirling water a little even takes care of most of that. When I use a bottle they look almost clean by the time I am done (those need less water as you can reshake to “clean” the bottle).


I’ll give that a try. I have been consistently bothered that my biggest Soylent losses are from the cup leftovers. I have been rinsing my cup and dumping that sweet cheeba down the drain like a fool!


I almost like the “washings” better than the actual soylent; the closest thing I can compare it to is something like rice milk, but nuttier and less sweet.


That actually doesn’t sound half bad :o


I “rinse” the pitcher and my cup with coffee instead of water, it mixes ok with leftover soylent.


Mine is on its way. How well do you thing it would pair with normal tea? Tea with milk?


I think somebody tried replacing the water with cold tea (something like jasmin tea?), and it was very good. The coffe taste overpower the leftover soylent, it looks like a tricky Latte but tastes like coffee.


I’ve used several different teas. All the ones I used to worked out well, however Soylent can … um, absorb a lot of the flavor. The tea generally needs brewed strong and should make up at least half the water you add.

And, as I’ve never really been interested in warm Soylent (maybe this winter), you have to account for cooling time, or the volume of ice you’ll be using after it steeps.
Honey vanilla chamomile(celestial seasonings) is great with it.
And Earl Grey works well if you need some caffeine.
I’ve also tried some Chai teas, and even a licorice one, that worked out well.
The morrocan mint I tried didn’t seem to be able to get strong enough to be noticeable, but I think it might have actually made soylent more neutral.


More like, the coffee taste perfectly compliments the leftover Soylent!

#amirite :coffee:


Lorentz, do you consume your Soylent with waffles? Does it taste a bit woody?

Just curious. :wink: