Oil/Water measurements for single servings


Assuming that everything is calibrated for mixing an entire day at once, the measurements for single servings seems a bit off. I mix half servings at a time whenever I crave some and by following the 1 1/2 tsp. oil per scoop instructions I am left with 3 tsp. of unused oil at the end of my first bag. When I saw there are 4 tbsp. per container of oil it was obvious that 2 tsp. per scoop should be proper. Also 1 liter of water breaks down to .7 of a cup per scoop, while the scoop is only 1/2 cup. When I used 2/3 of a cup water the consistency was better and much less frothy after blending.


We have made some changes to the recommended Soylent/water ratio when preparing with scoop: 1 scoop Soylent to 2 scoops water is optimal.

There should be more like 3.5 “meals” of Soylent per pouch, when defining a meal as 2 scoops of Soylent. This is why you have a little oil left over after preparing 3 meals of Soylent from a pouch.

We’re updating the instructions to make this clear, thanks for your feedback and support!

Soylent measurements don't add up
Extra oil per bottle?

Is there a reason the scoop wasn’t just made to be an even 1/3 of the pouch?


wait, so does this mean preparing by the pitcher is now more than 1 day of meals?


Sure: the manufacturing lead time for the scoop was several months, so we had to finalize the design before Soylent 1.0 had been finalized – hence having to make an educated guess about the volume of 1 pouch of Soylent. We were a little off, and it’s something we’ll be fixing in future production runs.

This is the same reason the boxes are larger than strictly necessary – we didn’t have exact dimensions of the filled pouches when the box design was finalized, so we had to add in some cushion to make sure that everything fit. Likewise, will be fixed in the future.

Depends on your definition of “meal” – I think it would be more accurate to say that there are more than 3 meals in 1 day of Soylent.

Soylent measurements don't add up
Help with Measurements

Thanks for the prompt response.

My sixth scoop was actually slightly less than full so I would have said 2.9. I leveled each scoop but it’s entirely possible it got overly compacted by scooping, perhaps include “Shake SEALED bag prior to scooping to loosen powder.” Emphasizing sealed so you don’t get complaints from those lacking good judgement.

Thanks again, loving the overall Soylent experience, will definitely be ordering more going forward.


@JulioMiles, would smaller boxes reduce the cost of shipping Soylent (and thus overall cost of Soylent), or is its shipping cost by weight?


he mentioned in another thread that it was primarily by weight, so it won’t have a significant price change, but I forget which thread it was now


So, just to clarify, if I wanted to mix a single serving of Soylent it would look like this:

2 scoops of powder
4 scoops of water
1.5 tsp. of oil

Is that correct?


3 tsp oil, but otherwise correct – http://www.soylent.me/#prep


It still shows 3 scoops of water and 1.5 scoops. Updating the website seems the easiest task, especially when you refer to it…


Thank you — I was really concerned about wasting any of it!


Right you are. Done.


Great at least the table is updated, If you can make the change for the picture description too I would be more than happy.


Now I’m concerned.

I just attempted making two single servings for my sister and myself… so 4 scoops total… and have less than a scoop of powder left. So that’s more like 2.5 than the 3.5 you mentioned. Did you guys perhaps resize the scoop?


The powder can settle from shipping as well. You might want to shake the bag to “fluff” the powder before measuring. Also, are you measuring with a rounded or level scoop?


A tightly packed level scoop…


I think it should be loosely packed, level.


Well, that could be why I’m having issues…


Yeah, thats how we measured it.