Oily messes? Want even easier daily DIY prep?


I quickly got tired of cleaning oily measuring spoons and counters because that olive oil just would pour nicely.

So… I got a bunch of 2 fluid ounce bottles. They limit oxidation since they have very little air inside and they block light since they are dark amber. My big containers of oil aren’t exposed to oxygen every day. Also, my EVOO can be stored (semi-solid) in the fridge without having to earn it every day to pour.

I also got some smaller 0.5 fluid ounce bottles for easy measuring of partial meals on the go.


I like that fridge…


That is the fridge of a man who knows what’s vital.


Where did you get the containers, and how much were they?


What is that on the bottom shelf?


Looks like premixed servings of DIY soylent to me.


The amber ones were $1 each for 12.


QuidNYC’s Superfood premixed for a week.


Will we need fridges anymore? Lol, Just thought of that! Beer + Soylent = man food.


Looks like sammiches.


That was my thought, too, but I think it’s actually ziplok bags rolled up.


Yes, exactly. My woman food.


What’s in the bag? < /brad pitt >

body is too similar bs.


I think soylent is a perfect medium for Mudder’s Milk, from Firefly. All the protein, nutrients and carbs of your grandma’s best turkey dinner, plust 15%alcohol.