Ok 1.4 has been out for a while now, so now what?


I’m getting itchy for a change. Can’t pinpoint what though…


Get rid of (or at least improve) the starchy, slimy, potato taste/texture that is nearly impossible to mask with flavoring.

Drop the price as soon as production is streamlined enough to match the demand of international orders.

Any other random little things that might be possible (lowering pouch weight, better pitcher, cheeper/more efficient ingrediants, etc.).

Keep macros the same or make only minor changes. The protein is currently more than recommended, but less than can cause damage. It’s great for anyone who’s not a serious body buider or a teenage boy. The high fat content is probably a good thing for diabetics, so that should probably be kept the same as well.


Try the What’s wanted in v1.5 thread?


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