Ok this is my experience with People Chow Premium...Days 1-3


The first day I used it, I mixed/shook up a batch the night before but only added 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil…6 just seemed like way to much oil to be drinking. I was waiting for my MCT oil to arrive anyway.

  • Day1 - I only had it for breakfast, since I didn’t want to shock my system. It kept me full until lunch, but the whole seeds were a problem for me…Kinda gross. Texture was actually on the thin side which is fine with me…I was expecting something inline with the casein protein powder I use, which is def on the thick and grainy side.

Day2 - Decided to use a hand blender to see if I could breakup/blend the chia seeds…Took about 5 mins but I was able to do that, and now it’s much easier for me to drink…I had it for breakfast and lunch without any gastric distress. None at all actually. I take a daily probiotic which may help…I was very hungry at dinner time, and ate solid food for dinner.

Day3 - Used MCT oil in this batch and am currently drinking it now…

We’ll see how this goes, but I won’t have any problems re-ordering again soon.

Updates to follow…


Cool, thanks for sharing your experience! :smiley:

If you don’t need a full 2000 calories a day, you should be fine using less oil. If you’re getting hungry though, I wonder if using the full amount of oil would help?

Good to know about the whole chia seeds - I think I’ll try experimenting with ground chia seeds in my own drinks for a while, since I’ve never tried them. I imagine they’d be more likely to spoil, and they’re more expensive pre-ground, but it might be worth trying if the texture is way better.

Looking forward to hearing more!


A blender definitely will pulverize the chia seeds, I used one for months when my DIY had them included. Made for a good suspension once they were pulverized.


Almost done with my first batch of People Chow Plus! My blender breaks the seeds down perfectly, although I’m not sure if I’d mind consuming them whole. Just sent an e-mail to cancel my official Soylent order, @axcho’s stuff seems to have none of the problems associated with Soylent 1.0


Wow @muldrowe, that is high praise! Thanks!


My immersion blender doesn’t pulverize the chia seeds in my DIY, but it does strip the “goo” off of them and distribute it through the mixture. I’m okay with the seeds as long as they aren’t little “snot balls” as I’ve heard them described. I could probably put them in the regular blender and fix it, or maybe put them into a food processor beforehand and turn them into chia powder, but they don’t bother me much.


I need to hold the blender at the very very top of the where the liquid is at, at an angle…Need to adjust the angle until you hear them being chopped up…Takes a while, but worth it.


I’ve also cancled my regular soylent order. No reason to use it when I can dial in my macros myself. I use a wand style blender which creates less mess and waste than a blender. Just stick it in a jug of supply for the day and let it rip. The chia seeds dont really need to blend


Just a quick update, for anyone looking for People Chow Premium (or Plus) in the future…

I’ve phased out People Chow recipes in favor of equivalent People Fuel recipes, which use a hypoallergenic multivitamin powder in place of the GNC Mega Men Sport. You can find them here:


I love People Fuel Plus. Easy to consume and satisfying with zero problems. My favorite soylent to date.