Old experience notes I wrote when 1.0 came out


I just found this.

I wrote this when Soylent 1.0 came out. I went straight in 100% and did nothing but eat it for a full month - I also added a lot less water than the instructions because I liked the taste better. I intended to document my experiences long-term and later make some in-depth qualitative post to share here. This was intended to make me feel a bit more a part of the community, perhaps even with data points I’d collect over the course of a year to virtue signal my intellect to everyone here. Here it is unedited. The younger me from 2014 clearly never meant for this to be seen, especially not by anyone here.

Soylent experiences

Day 1+2 - like on drugs. Car lights. Swimming = amazing. Energy. Crave it.

Cant believe how well it satiates

Day 3 - drearyness does come, farty, bouts of nausea. If not watery enough then cant drink it. Get very thirsty during the day constantly.

day 4 - dance club… oh gad those farts. Boss walking into my room and saying “God almighty!” felt nausea too.

day 5 - MUCH more water and take it slower and deodrant down da ass

It just stops after that.


Ahh the good old days!


I was cleaning out a kitchen cabinet yesterday and found a box of gas relief tablets I used to take. I started with 1.3; I can’t remember which version the horrible gas finally stopped. I’ve been on RTD for a couple of years now (but only once a day).