Olly Smoothies, has anyone tried this stuff?


I saw these at Target the other day. Since they were on sale I picked up one and the design is pretty neat. The scoop attaches to the underside of the recyclable (#1 plastic) container which I thought was a great design and there’s a inner lid under the outer snapping lid so the powder is mostly sealed but I’m not sure it’s air tight. I’m not sure what the outer lid is made of actually so I don’t know if it’s recyclable like the main container. Actually inside the powder (which looks a lot like Soylent powder) is a desiccant package which was interesting. It’s kind of like a toy inside a box of cereal. I really dig how the scoop just isn’t tossed into the powder.

2 scoops is about 170 calories and they say mix it with about 300ml or 10oz of water. When I made my first glass I added too much water so it was really watery but not bad. Fairly neutral but it did have a strange kind of lingering but not offensive underlying sweetness to it. It could be stevia. The sweetenss while mild to me does kind of stick to my tongue which isn’t great but it’s not the rancid cereal milk flavor of 1.6/1.7.

I’m going to make another glass tonight with 300ml of water and see how if any different it is. Then in the morning I’m going to try and mix in a banana with it.

Flavor-wise I like it MUCH better than 1.7 but it’s more expensive and the nutritional profile isn’t exactly what I’d want, but this is a great starting point for making smoothies like I used to years and years ago.

Back then I’d mix soy protein powder with some fruit and veggies. It was a lot of work and couldn’t be pre-made but this is close. I may stick with this at least through this one package since I can’t stand 1.7 and seriously miss 1.3. I think it’ll be fun to try a few different flavor combos with this stuff.

Has anyone else tried it?


It’s missing calcium and iron. Probably some other things too.

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