Omega-3 recommended in "Rob's newest recommendation"


In building HAPPY CHOW! I’m wondering: Why does the “Rob’s newest recommendation” nutrition profile suggest such small amounts of omega-3s (0.75g), and also have a small upper limit (3g)? Articles I’ve ready typically recommend something like 0.5g-0.8g each of EPA and DHA.


In what units are the recommended amounts? i.e. mg, g, kg?


0.75 grams


I just checked the source article, It states 0.75 grams as target, but doesn’t specify an upper limit. So I guess that’s my answer, the author of the profile made an arbitrary upper limit for unknown reasons. Is there a way to see who made the profile?


I don’t think there is, but I compared it to the US governments DRI, which recommends 1.6g of omega-3 per 2000kcal. I don’t see an upper limit for it though, so the upper limit listed may have been from the authors own personal wishes.


Sorry I just realized that you were referring to the recommended amounts in my post and not in the profile.

I’ve fixed my original post to be much more clear now!


Yea, that makes it easier, it looks like the omega-3s are withing the recommended range at least.


Some studies show that high doses of EPA will have negative effects on mood, sleep, and other things. high being in excess of 6 grams or so per day, sustained.

Most studies that show benefits of Omega 3 show that EPA is more important than DHA, and that if you include DHA, never let it be more than 1/3 of the total Omega 3 intake.

You can check this out using to read some journal articles.


Oh and various studies show that there’s no benefit to having more than about 1000mg of EPA. THe effects of 5000mg are the same as 1000mg. That might be why his ranges have lowered.