Omega-6 and omega-3 content in v1.9 cacao


Hello, I need to know the exact amount of omega-6/3 in the cacao v1.9 per 100 g (not the serving size at 90 g, but 100 g please). I’ve added Soylent 1.9 cacao into my calorie app, but the essential fatty acids data is lacking. I tried calculating it manually, by combining high oleic canola oil, cocoa butter and some soybean oil, but didn’t get the exact percentages of 12.8% saturated, 66.7% monounsaturated and 20.5% polyunsaturated, although I came close enough, Since high oleic canola oil has around 6.67 times more omega-6 than omega-3, and with some fat from cocoa, and probably also some tiny amounts of soy fat, I estimated the fat in v1.9 cacao, to be around 90% canola, 9.5% cocoa and 0.5% soy. I then just went with a rough estimate at 3.78 g omega-6 and 0.66 g omega-3, per 100 g Soylent powder (in other words, 5.72 times more omega-6 than 3). This is most likely slightly off, but it should be in that ballpark anyway.

If Rob and his staff for whatever reason can’t list the omega-6/3 per 100 g, then at least provide it at 90 g, and I can calculate it from there.

It’s pretty retarded that the FDA hasn’t made it mandatory to list the essential fatty acids, and it’s even more retarded that FDA hasn’t jumped on the 100 g bandwagon (metric system anyone?), but the recent update on the nutrition facts labeling, was a huge improvement compared to the previous retarded versions, Still, it could use some improvements, like make it mandatory to list everything at 100 g, make all micronutrients mandatory to list them in mg/μg (as of right now, only calcium, vitamin A, D and E must be listed in their actual amounts), I never liked the percentage only for the vitamins/minerals.

Anyway, TLDR:

Omega-6/3 content at 100 g for Soylent v1.9 cacao please.