Omega-6 & Calories


So I’m creating a recipe and I’m at the point where I’m ready to buy everything, except I’m not really happy about the calories in the recipe. The recipe is 1262 calories and I’m trying to target 1224 calories. I’d like to sacrifice 4g of soybean oil but then the omega-6 isn’t hitting its target (only at 90% per my nutrient profile). I’m not sure if it’ll make much of a difference having 26 extra calories and meeting my omega-6 goals. What do you think?

TLDR; Is it ok to sacrifice 10% of my omega-6 to have less calories in my recipe?


Either way is fine. Your daily input will vary based on how much you drink by way more than 38 calories, as well the number of calories you burn each day. That said, 1262 seems awfully low for a daily caloric intake. Are you supplementing with something else, or are you planning to only consume 1300 calories in a day?


The calorie difference is quite small so it should not matter… like michael I hope you eat something else also :slight_smile:
You can burn those 26 calories by walking a few times around your chair for like 5 mins :3 or something if your worried about them.


Hehe, I used the nutrient calculator and put in the typical weight, height, and etc. But also want to lose a little bit of weight and am also sedentary. After I achieve the look I want (yes I know I shouldn’t be totally focused on weight), then I’ll bump up the cal and probably go with another recipe.


Are you female? and what is your height and current weight?.. To be honest, sure you could live on that few calories… just not permanently. But if it is only to reach a goal, then you could always up the calories afterwards.


While I would agree with the cautions raised by others above, the direct answer to your question is probably “yes.”

I haven’t looked at your recipe, but if your only concern is being short on omega-6, I would be highly skeptical that you truly are. The omega-6 target supplied in the default nutrition profile on the DIY site is not well-supported by evidence. Based on the available research in this area, the true nutritional requirement for omega-6 is much lower (possibly even less than 1 gram), provided your intake of omega-3 is sufficient.

If you take a look at my notes in the following nutritional profile, you’ll see links to the studies in question:


I’m a female, 5’ 4" and 140ish lbs. I never work out. Maybe if I start feeling unsure or whatnot I could increase how much I’m consuming.


That’s really interesting Quid. I’ll have to keep that in mind as I work on this recipe. I kept the calories high this time around and maybe play with the omega-6 next go around. Great info!