Omega levels in 1.5

Were there any adjustments to the levels of Omega 3/6’s from 1.4 to 1.5 or did they stay the same?

From the spreadsheet it looks like:

Omega-3 = .22 + 2.24 = 2.46g
Omega-6 = 15.61



It’s currently at a 6.4:1 ratio :confused:

Can anyone point me towards some good data on whether this is an acceptable ratio? My googling isn’t turning up much more than dozens of conflicting opinions with no good data backing anyone up.

I think the omega-3 level is more important than the ratio, and 2.46g looks decent.

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It’s significantly better than the 25+:1 ratio most people get.

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I just realized that there are no direct links to the spreadsheet in this thread, and it appears it has been too long so I am unable to edit my original comments, so here are the links for anyone who stumbles upon this thread in the future.

The spreadsheet that is referenced above is the one linked to at the bottom of this page:

(direct link to spreadsheet)

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Where does that spreadsheet comes from? Thank you!

It comes from Soylent (Rosa Labs), I believe.

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Hello @Syke. How can you check this in the spreadsheet?
Where did you get those numbers from?

I just could identify the 0.22 from the DHA

Thank you =)

Note, the spreadsheet includes 1.4 and 1.5. Switch to the 1.5 tab.

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Oh, I see, my bad =/

Thank you very much, that cleared it up.