On lactose intolerance



Interesting story – thanks for posting. I’ve also heard claims that raw milk is more digestible than the highly pasteurized forms we buy in the store, but I haven’t looked into it deeply as yet.


That post made me wonder if A1 was in my Milk here in Denmark :3


Are you lactose intolerant?


Just to play the devils advocate and point out that mother jones is not the most neutral of sources.


I don’t think I am no. But I do drink plenty of milk. After reading up on A1, I decided to switch my milk to Jersey cow milk :slight_smile: as I spoke with one of the main milk sellers in Denmark that said their milk had a mix of A1 and A2, while the Jersey milk didn’t… I do suffer from “Irritable Bowel Syndrome” though, and who knows… the A1 (or milk in general) might be one of the causes.


IBS is no joke. I’d quit dairy altogether.