On the topic of semen


A little personal, but I remember a while back learning how diet affects the flavor of someone’s … spunk. Has anybody that has switched to a mostly Soylent diet for a while gotten any feedback about how it may have affected that?


People say nonsense about many aspects of Soylent, attributing all kinds of magical properties to it. My default opinion about any unlikely and undocumented claim is that it isn’t true.

I’ve been mostly 100% Soylent for a year and have not noticed any effect on my semen.


I wondered when this old chestnut would come around again.


Oh, and for the record, after a couple of months on a mostly-Soylent diet, mine’s still pink and still tastes like strawberry lemonade.


The second one wasn’t quite what I was curious about, but the first one was good. Thank you.
I’m curious how this might have changed with formula reworks or switch to 2.0. Interesting stuff

Also, now my title feels crass and 120% less spunky.


The way this is phrased in response to my query prompts questions I’m not sure I want answered :stuck_out_tongue:
The input is good though, thanks :slight_smile:


This is kind of a valid question, because the reason semen typically tastes so salty is because everyone has such a high salt intake.


[citation needed] there I think.


This is why my one ex would always force-feed me blueberries.

Luckily, I love blueberries. (and the end goal as well haha)


I think you can use google on your own for that.


Sure, things are quiet here at work at the moment, I’ll get right on that.

Hey look at that, I.T. are calling me.


i assure, you my reasons are the same as yours.

Except I am IT.


Another “only on Soylent” discussion forum. Poop, farts, semen. I can’t figure out if I’m in 7th grade or Germany.