Once I get my week of Soylent in Sept, what if I want to continue with it?


I’m one of the Kickstarter contributors and I’m very much looking forward to my week of Soylent at the end of September. However, let’s assume that I love it and want to make it a part of my life; I have no way to do that. Right now, if I buy more Soylent without even trying the Soylent I’ve already purchased (since it’s not available yet), I won’t get it till December. I see a lot of DIY Soylent recipes, but if I’m going to make my own, how is that different from making my own meals, the thing that Soylet was invented to avoid?

Is there a super simple DIY Soylent recipe that is also tasty?


Rob and the Soylent team have stated that when the Soylent is shipped to the kickstarters you will be able to order more immediately.


Wow. That’s cool. I saw no such announcement. That makes me very happy.



@JulioMiles, can we get confirmation that the ship date is still late September for the original Kickstarter Backers?

I’m a college student who’s about to forgo buying a relatively expensive meal plan on the assumption that Soylent will be there for me by the time October rolls around.


We are releasing an update to our shipping date and manufacturing process tonight or tomorrow. Please note that our shipping dates have always been projections, and that there are many factors that could end up in additional delays – please don’t take them as concrete!


That suspiciously looks to me (reading between the lines), that you are going to be delaying delivery yet again…


Yup… Sounds like that to me… What a shame. The wait is actually quite frustrating.

Missing the estimated date of delivery by months just sucks all around.


Very frustrating.indeed. I say F having the store up and going just give us what the hell we ordered. The first delay was understandable. But if there is a second delay its going to be really damn annoying. Im Mr optimistic but even I am having a hard time staying that way.


Definitely understand your frustration, @jahhluv101 @cheapskate88 @Benji @everybody – we just posted an extensive update on blog.soylent.me. Pretty much, we are working night and day to give you what you ordered, but producing 160,000 of anything is a non-trivial task.

This is the nature of crowdfunding, of building a company from scratch, of pursuing a project that involves way over 20 counterparties, of doing anything worth doing.

Thanks again for your support! We are confident that this wait, while inconvenient, will seem like a distant memory once you’ve poured your first glass!


Julio, you’re totally right. Building a company is a hard thing. Keep up the good work!


No, waffle, those are excuses now at this point. Stop dressing it up and treating us like idiots.

Please provide a REALISTIC deadline for the 1 month or greater orders, you haven’t actually said WHEN those at least will begin shipping.


Per our latest update, we’re not going to provide dates – because we’d probably just have to revise them again. Like the update says, we plan on having all current Soylent preorders shipped by the end of the year. Any further clarity I could try to give you would be false.

I’m sorry you believe we’re treating you like an idiot, that certainly isn’t our intent and we have tried to be as forthcoming as possible about the complexities and conflicting timelines of this process. If you have ever attempted a project of this magnitude and have constructive criticism on how we’ve been handling this one, it would be more than welcome.

Official Soylent Shipping Update July 2013

Honestly… I can completely understand that there are delays. I mean, yes, it’s disappointing to hear setbacks, sure. I can say I was initially hoping to have Soylent for the convention I’m staffing this weekend, and I’m still hoping to have it before I head back to college if only for initial-groceries-trip (or lack thereof) convenience – and I know even that might not happen.

But that is entirely reasonable for something on this scale, especially considering the fact that going by the initial crowdfunding goal, it is at this point at least 10x the size of the originally planned scope. The reason I actually paid attention to this project in the first place was because of the immense degree of diligent research and data backing up the claim of a “healthy product”, and the Soylent team has continued doing an impressive job of making all data very transparent to the user base. Of course it’s not great that there are unexpected delays, but I’m not going to get unduly upset about it. I’m still getting the product I donated for, and I’m being informed when (and exactly why) these delays come up. Plus, it’s good to know that even with delays, I should be able to continue buying without a hiccup when the product does come out. Keep up the great work @JulioMiles, and I’m sure people will look back and appreciate the updates once Soylent has finally shipped :smiley:

(Just my 2 cents, since I’m sure reading post after angry post gets old after a while :stuck_out_tongue:)


@JulioMiles, I completely understand the delays. I’d rather have a product that was done right than one that was rushed and misses the mark.

However, I’d like one point clarified. As a campaign backer who ordered less than 1 month supply, will I receive my shipment before preorders of 1 month or greater that occur before September 30th?


To those ends, we have decided to ship all 1-month supply and higher orders first, and then begin shipping 1 and 2 week orders, starting with the earliest contributors.

That seems pretty clear to me. I imagine if someone were to order a 1-month supply today they would receive their order before the first person to order a 1-week supply. I’m sure that’s not what anyone who ordered less than a month would like to hear, but the logic behind the decision is clearly spelled out in the post and seems reasonable to me. I ordered 2 weeks. I would love to have it now, but I would rather have Soylent be a raging success. This seems like the right path torward that goal.