One Cacao bottle has super gritty, sand-like texture?


So I’ve been drinking Cacao happily, and all of a sudden this one bottle, I open it, it looks normal at first glance, I close and shake it, and re-open it (it has been my habit to open and check for contamination ever since I had an incident with one of the the pre-seal bottles in 2015 - which Rosa Labs took care of for me by replacing/refunding), then I take one sip and… ack!!! It’s all gritty grainy like I have just put sand in my mouth. I can still feel grains of sandlike material on my tongue and teeth as I’m typing this. Whaaaat is this? I’ve drank a lot of Cacao now and this isn’t normal in my experience. Is it safe to keep drinking this?? I don’t know… I’m going to open a different bottle…

Bottlecap and a couple photos of the affected bottle included:


Hmm… Next bottle from the same box also tastes sandy. Is this just a change in the formulation? I don’t know what to do…


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Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’d also like to know what’s been happening with this issue. I’ve had this same thing happen two orders ago, with only my original flavor Soylent 2.0, and I got a refund/reorder, but the new one also had a similar issue, but I just figured it was the new formula and just power drank through it all. My more recent orders have had both original and cacao affected, but in a lesser amount than the previous orders and it’s not all that enjoyable to drink through the sandy grains, but it was worse before so I continue to drink it, and nothing has happened before nor now as a result. I would imagine it’s just any grains or residue from whatever ingredients going into the formula or newer formula, I doubt it’s something in the realm of the whole mold issue contamination awhile back. I think they may just have to pinpoint it and adjust it for their future batches. It is nice to know I am not the only one experiencing this though, I had been thinking I was the only one. I love Soylent, especially the bottled 2.0, so I look forward to the eventual solution.


I can actually hear the grinding sound as I begin to unscrew the cap off the bottle. It’s that gritty… I appreciate hearing your experience as well, but I hesitate to start drinking this without more feedback lol…


Seriously, no one has input on this? Has anyone been drinking these gritty ones? Still alive? Teeth falling out, or everything okay? Or, is this an anomaly? Should I keep opening more bottles to see if I find a regular one again?



As I just got my first shipment of Cacao recently and have only tried one bottle so far, I don’t have much basis for comparison for this flavor. However, I have noticed some inconsistencies with Original 2.0. Bottles with one date will be normal and smooth, but ones with a different date will be noticeably gritty and leave a sort of sludge at the bottom. The first time this happened I was concerned about some sort of contamination and wrote to customer service, who was kind enough to replace my shipment. The replacement was from a different lot and was back to the normal smooth consistency, but a few months later I got another shipment of the same lot and had the same problem and figured that Soylent would have said or done something if there was a larger quality issue.

One possibility is that the grittiness is some side effect of the aseptic bottling process for the new packaging. I’d never had this issue before with the old bottles, and know that some nutrient particles don’t respond well to temperature changes. Possibly related: while some shipments in the new bottles have had the normal consistency, there is always a significant crust of dried-out Soylent around the mouth of the bottle. While the grittiness was definitely unenjoyable, I don’t think there’s cause for concern. I ended up drinking pretty much all of second shipment of the same lot and still have all my teeth :smiley:


I’ve never noticed grittiness in any flavor of 2.0, but the build up at the top of the bottle is a pretty common occurrence with Cacao (assumed it was just some Cacao that splashed up there prior to the bottle(s) sitting in one place long enough for it to dry up, or some residual powder that didn’t thoroughly mix with the liquid or something). Never got concerned over it.


I’ve never encountered grittiness in a 2.0 bottle, but I did have one Cacao bottle (just one bottle out of a shipment) that was just this thick sludge. The entire thing was like a milkshake almost, but more… chunky, with the chunks floating in a small amount of liquid. Hard to describe, but it also tasted very sour, so after a sip, I gave it a vigorous shake, and then took another sip that turned out the same, so I tossed the bottle.


Maybe your unlucky enough to get several batches where the powder to water ratio was way to high? That’s my best case guess.


Yes, I had that sort of “yogurt” thing happen with one bottle of 2.0 way back when it first came out. They replaced my shipment due to it. I presume it is a bacterial growth that causes that.


I’ve been powering through the gritty bottles under the assumption that it won’t kill me, and I finally ran into another good bottle today. The difference in quality is night and day. I’m glad to find this good one, and am hopeful that future shipments will be back to normal quality!


10x Macro photography of the grit under a typical lid before re-capping and shaking. I’m doing this now for the art of it.


The picture looks like using the roadside toilet during the winter. I mean all these “shining” dots it’s just pure sugar and you really should pay more attention to it. You see, sugar is the best way to increase the product’s lifespan and it’s also the cheapest flavor enhancer. That’s why it is a lot of it in any product. Also, sugar is like a magnet for bad bacteria. The two destructive bacteria found in the mouth are Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sorbrinus. Both of them feed on the sugar you eat and form dental plaque, which is a sticky, colorless film that forms on the surface of the teeth. I had to fight my sweet tooth in order to save my teeth (sounds weird) because I even had a warning after visiting the dentistry. What about choosing another cacao brand?


Anna: I don’t think you know anything about this product. You can read about it at