One Functioning Kidney - Vitamin D2/D3?


Hi all,

I read that blog post that many of you have most likely read through, entitled “The Soylent Killer” and though I’ve read through it and have debunked most of it, I can’t seem to find anything regarding kidney health and the difference between D2 and D3.

I am aware that she’s not the best person to listen to (especially because many of her links conflict with what she’s saying) but its a question I should be asking anyways…

Will D2 have an adverse effect on my kidney?


If you have particular kidney issues, you presumably are under a doctor’s care (or should be!). This seems like a question for that doctor.


Hello @naterd00d , the above link is the best answere I could get you with a quick google search… which hopefully puts your fears to rest about d2/d3, (read “Many forms of vitamin D” and “Vitamin D supplements and kidney patients” specifically) That being said, I would also strongly recommend asking your doctor like @asympt said, since he should know more about your kidneys health.

I do realize that “one functioning kidney” isn’t the same as “chronic kidney disease”, but the idea behind the link was the supplement, and the amount given to people with chronic kidney disease. Hope it helps, and let us know if your doctor says otherwise!


I also think you’re better discussing this with your doctor and not just relying on advice from people on the internet, no matter how well their intentions or knowledge. :slight_smile: