One month drinking diy soylent - NEW Video!




I recommend announcing all future blog posts in this thread, so those interested can simply watch this thread to get notifications. :slight_smile:


I apologize for being a nuisance. I know it’s not all that exciting to most people, but to me, making the one-week mark is a milestone. I’m playing catch up to people who have been doing this a lot longer than I have. I knew that posting here would be pretty goofy, but I wanted to share it with like-minded people. What is the proper etiquette for these types of things?


I hope I didn’t come across wrong. I was just suggesting that you keep everything in this thread so that I, and other interested parties, don’t miss out on your future posts.

I think that what you are doing is great. Stuff like your blog posts and videos are perfect to point people who aren’t familiar with soylent to so they can get a better understanding of it than I can attempt to do through conversation alone.


I have a week supply coming whenever it comes…and I’m wondering if I’ll be sorry after the 7th day that I’m out of Soylent & need to “switch” (emotionally & physically) back to food.


Thanks @gilahacker, I thought that I was maybe violating forum etiquette by linking a blog post. Thanks for the encouragement. I will not be wearing out my welcome by posting every blog post here. I expect to be making a short video the first of every month to give a visual documentation of my year doing Soylent, and I’ll probably post links to those here. It’s pretty much like you said:[quote=“gilahacker, post:4, topic:12021”]
videos are perfect to point people who aren’t familiar with soylent to so they can get a better understanding of it

Could not have said it better. That’s my mission! I want Soylent to be around for a long time.


It’s already been two weeks drinking Soylent as my only food source. While there was a lot to report at week one, week two has been just the opposite. I haven’t had any hunger issues. My energy levels have been good and steady. My sleep has been great. Everything is steady as she goes.

My daughter did say to me last night, “Dad, you’re not grumpy anymore at night now that you’re drinking Soylent.” I said, “Are you telling me I used to be grumpy?” She said, “You sure were; you were tired and didn’t want to be bothered. Now you’re full of energy, talkative, and really fun.”

Who knew? I didn’t even notice the change. I just know that I feel better. I must say, I’m liking this Soylent lifestyle. I can’t wait to see what the next weeks and months bring!

original blog post:


@BriBy I don’t suppose you’d be interested in a guest blogger? Once my order comes in, I’d like to do what you’re doing it might be better if I’m contributing to someone elses blog rather than trying to start one myself.


Ha! Sounds great, Bradley. I never considered a guest blogger, but if you know how that works, it’s something we could do. You should just do your own blog and I could link to your blog on mine and vice versa. The whole thing’s kinda new to me.


I noticed the same thing. I wasn’t sure so I was going to ask my wife. Right before I did she told me I was a lot nicer now that I’m on soylent. I think this might be a real thing. Has anybody else seen this effect?


“Have Soylent, Will Travel”

Three weeks have already gone by on my Soylent Odyssey. This was another banner week as I took Soylent on a four-day Easter weekend trip. By this time, I had pretty much mastered the art of drinking Soylent at home and at work. Both of those are fairly routine, and it’s easy to get into that life rhythm. However, travel was something new…

Full blog post here:


Every time I read something like this, I get more excited! I wish my Soylent would hurry up and get here, but I have to wait until the second week of shipments (got a month of Soylent)!


Yeah, tell us internationals about it. :smile:


@briby - have you been keeping a log of your weight? I’d be interested to know if it’s changing at all.


I second that. Would love to see a log!


@gilahacker, @LondonGirl

I’ll be weighing myself once a month. Next weigh-in is May 1st. I’ll also be posting video monthly, so folks can get a month-to-month look at how Soylent is freeing my body! :slight_smile:


“​I just spent the entire month of April drinking DIY Soylent! For me it’s monumental. For others watching from the outside, it must look kind of crazy. But I’ve joined a community of people all over the world who are doing exactly what I’m doing, redefining the nature of food…”

See entire blog post here: MY FIRST MONTH OF SOYLENT!


That’s awesome… congrats!!


very cool…ill take a read…gotta be honest…when i first found your blog…i was hoping for more frequent updates…but i understand…once the initial shock of soylent is passed…there isnt really much fan fair…just kinda drink the soylent and go on about your business…im not brave enough to go 100% DIY soylent…i dont trust something I made to be ALL I NEED!!


congrats on the 16lb…how many calories in your DIY mix daily?