One month supply for sale Tampa, FL: SOLD


I have decided Soylent just isn’t for me. I have a month’s supply that I’m ready to part with. I’m not going to mark it up at all so $250 plus whatever it costs to ship it.


Wondering if you could provide feedback about what you didn’t like about Soylent?


It’s not so much that I didn’t like Soylent itself. It was more that I realized how much I enjoyed food in general. I actually found myself missing cooking a meal and enjoying it. I’m keeping some Soylent on hand for quick meals and such, but I don’t need to keep all that I have on hand.


I’ll buy one week’s worth, if you’re willing to separate.

Text six 1ne too -309-6196 and I’ll get you the money via PayPal today.


If nobody in interested in the whole month I don’t have a problem breaking it up.


Gotcha. Let me know; no rush at all. Take your time.


PM’d you :slight_smile:


Soylent is officially sold.


Reminder, Rosa Labs has requested that Official Soylent no longer be sold on this forum. Had I caught this sooner, i would have closed it.