One more (vegan) newbie recipe


I’ve constructed two slightly different vegan recipes using the ones below as templates. I’ll probably go with the coconut based one for now, since it looks more appetizing, but feedback on either would be much appreciated.

Vegan Option 1 (‘complete’):

Vegan Option 2 (‘tasty’… maybe):

Original Post:

This is my first attempt at a recipe. Any feedback would be much appreciated. The Hacker School recipe was a good start, but the Trader Joe’s protein contains cholecalciferol, usually a non-vegan source for D3, so this was my attempt at working around that.

I’m still working on getting the carbs, protein, and calories up. Phosphorous and sulfur also seem to be an issue, so advice on those would be great. Before I go out and drop the cash on this, I thought it would be useful to get feedback from the more experienced. Particularly with lessening the number of ingredients, lowering the cost, or using better/different ingredient sources.

Sources/Templates used:


First off - don’t worry about sulfur. Once you’re getting a complete protein source, the sulfur (from the amino acids) will be fine.
That said, I’d worry about only using wheat protein. It’s a good, cheap source, to be certain, but it’s incomplete by itself. Add in a secondary protein source and you’ll also help solve the calorie balancing problem.

Your niacin levels should be fine - high niacin is an issue if you’re taking it in a single dose, but a sustained level of niacin from consuming soylent throughout should be fine if you’re getting enough water.
And $3 a day is a pretty good start., especially considering how decent your recipe is to begin with. Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve combined the wheat protein with rice at about a 2-1 ratio (the wheat was cheaper).

With your feedback and a few iterations, I was able to complete a couple recipes :smiley:!

The first is the one I’ve posted here (with an updated title):

The second uses coconut flour as the primary fiber source (and coconut oil for fat). This one is a slightly low on calcium, but I still like the idea of coconut + chocolate for some reason, so I’ll probably try this one first and see how I like it:

There was another thread about Niacinimide having a higher upper limit than Niacine, which was why I thought it was okay to leave it there. It is provided by a multivitamin pill, though, so I’ll be consuming it in a single dose. Do you think this’ll be a problem?

If you have more feedback/tips, please send them my way. Thanks again!