One Of The Least Discussed Advantages Of Soylent

Sure, Soylent has plenty of advantages such as time savings in food buying, time savings in food prep, cost savings, and health. But, what about one of the best advantages?

Before Soylent:

After Soylent:


I don’t know. That after picture still looks like a lot of work.


You forgot to put the pitcher in the picture. Granted, it’s still a vast improvement. Washing the pitcher can be annoying if, like me, you don’t have a dishwasher machine.


True. But by the same token, the prep dishes (pans, etc.) weren’t included for the previous picture either.

In any event, a lot less work now vs. before.

I hate doing dishes.


This is everything for me.


With soylent: Coffee mug, pitcher, 4 bottles.

Formerly: coffee mug.

(yay nuke-ables and take-out/delivery)

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I fill the pitcher about 60% with warm water and add soap. Then shake about 100 shakes. Then rinse the plastic container out till the soap and all is gone, with the top set aside. Then I unscrew the top part of the container and rinse it with hot water, using a brush if necessary. Then the same with the top. Finished.

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How did the Soylent remove the ceramic from the sink?



Our dishwasher works great for the lids, but not for the container, so I just wash it by hand with a sponge. Soylent 1.4 washes off really easily.


I do the same, but I always scrub the thing thoroughly so I don’t get any mold or anything. I have two pitchers, so I rotate them in and out of use.

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I absolutely loathe washing dishes (although the feeling of looking at a clean sink afterward is gratifying), so this was a big improvement in my view. Most of my meals are consumed from a single glass – I just wash it after or before every portion. The only caveat is that I take a lunch portion to work in a Contigo mug with an “easy-clean” lid that’s anything but easy to purge of Soylent. At minimum it requires lengthy soaking in soap and hot water, and I occasionally add baking soda to make sure it doesn’t offend the olfactories. But, hey, it’s better than washing a plate, a fork, a frying pan, a cutting board, a knife… Plus, no napkins!

I use three stainless steel cups with lids and skip the pitcher. I hated washing that pitcher.

I’d prefer to have my pitcher and cup with LiquiGlide. No mess.

Hell, might as well put this coating on the counters, tables, floors and sink too. It’s already being put on (albeit pricy) clothing. Nissan is putting it on some of their car windsheilds and bodies.

The future is here…and it’s DRY!


Wow, Soylent completely changes your sink?! :3

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How does the blender bottle work for 1.4? I’ve heard that with prior versions dry clumps would form in the ball.

I fill the bottle with crushed ice and water up to the top of the ball, then the powder, then the rest of the water. The ice and ball work really well to break up lumps.


I hear there’s a study that links that stuff with Lupus.


Of course it does. Anything remotely convenient is the devil, apparently.


I’m sorry you heard that

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the dishwasher changes the game. until I had enough bottles to put them into the dishwasher, i scrubbed one bottle by hand each evening.

Putting conventional dishes in the dishwasher is faster, then scrubbing bottles by hand.

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