One Of The Least Discussed Advantages Of Soylent


Its worth checking out though, if you really want to purchase/use that stuff for consumables.


There isn’t even a link between the two words


You mean there is no link between lupus and liquiglide?


Yeah, I tried a Google search on “liquiglide lupus” and found nothing. And then I pumped LiquiGlide into PubMed and also got nothing.



People, @smeggot was joking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, some of you folks must get lost walking to the end of your driveway! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was definitely joking, while at the same time making a semi-sarcastic/semi-serious point: new things like that do tend to get many people’s back up, regarding possible health/environmental implications (OMG IT’S A CHEMICAL!) - and, after some time, once in while those paranoid folk are proven right.

(I post in that style quite often)


A little bit more depth to add to my first joke post:

(it’s a meme, from House, the TV series)


BTW, I am really looking forward to LiquiGlide being used. If there’s a problem with food clearance, I’m happy with shampoo, hand cream and toothpaste (you’re not supposed to eat toothpaste). Though it’ll take away one of my hobbies which is carefully funneling product from old bottles to new.



Honestly, I’m shocked I didn’t find a single result containing those two words.


With the agitator being ball-shaped, wouldn’t it leave clumps in the corners of the bottle? Seems like a cylinder or a tetrahedron would do much better.


If you put the powder in first, yes, that would be a problem. But I fill the bottom with water first, so there’s no powder in the corner.


This is all I use. It works fine and shaking prevents clumps from forming in the ball and along the bottom rim.

Blender bottles are more mobile than a pitcher you need a refrigerator for eventually. I can load up a bag with a day’s worth of Soylent and add water whenever I want a meal and be done with it.


A lot of people make single meals. RL would do good to either offer single-serving packages or a large tub where a single serving could be easily scooped out. I would vote for a tub like the kind protein powders come in. A 5 lb. tub would hold about 20 meals.


Its not you, its me :smile:


Don’t worry. Before long that search will bring up this thread, which people won’t read and will instead assume to contain scientific proof. Next thing you know it’s banned in california. @smeggot, how do you sleep at night?!


I’m fine with it - that is, until my post gets cited in some conspiracy theorist’s youtube video about Lupus and LiquiGlide.


That is a GREAT idea!


It’s more work for me–I literally only ate out or had ready to eat meals/snacks that could throw away before Soylent.

It’s not that bad to clean out though. Once a week I’ll do a thorough cleaning and that will do the trick. Putting a bit of water prior to the powder will completely avoid the corner clumps.


Let’s not forget the most lovely part: I haven’t used my organic bin in over a year. I hate dealing with food waste more than I hate doing dishes


No dishes. No cooking. No groceries. So Zen.


Wait, you’re telling me Soylent can change my sink colour from white to bare metal? The chemicals in it just wore all of the white finish off of it, eh? Pretty impressive!