One reason why I am against Soylent sourcing ingredients from China/Asia


Aside from political reasons, I think there are many reasons to be concerned with the quality of ingredients from many Asian countries. One example is this recent article about nutrition supplements which, unless I’m mistaken, is very relevant to Soylent’s mixture.

Aside from the little to no human rights in several of the countries, I would also be very skeptical of where these ingredients are obtained.

Regardless of those concerns though, I think it is safe to say that when people are trying to live entirely off of Soylent and that the balance of the ingredients is so important for various dietary reasons, that we should be making sure that the ingredients are actually what suppliers say they are, and several Asian countries have shown time and time again that they don’t care and just want to make a quick buck.


Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these.

Alternatively, in the words of the unfortunately departed Ryan Davis: “China don’t care”


Don’t think the vitamin blend is from China or asia… but even if it is, Rosa Labs/Co-packers test the ingredients.


I’m not sure that Asian countries have a monopoly on undesirable contents. I’m not sure what Asian country Enron was from, for example. I have a feeling there are some honest and hardworking people in Asia.


@geneven That’s a bad example. Enron didn’t make food products. A better example would of the led content of some Mexican candies.

@andrewb is there any proof that any of the ingredients come from one of those countries or companies?


@horsfield I emailed Soylent about it and they said most of the ingredients come from the US but some come from China (they may have said Asia, I’m not sure).


I know they test for quality, but what exactly does that mean? Is it just to know there isn’t dirt or rat feces in it or something? Or is it to make sure it is clean AND is the actual ingredient they expected?


Before you start raising red flags you should find the email and see for sure if it said Aisa or specifically China. Even if the email does indeed say China there are still reputable companies in China. You would have to prove which ingredients came from China, what companies provided the ingredients, and whether or not they are doing anything distasteful.


I emailed them about China specifically and this was part of their reply:

“I understand your concerns with sourcing from questionable suppliers. It is one we certainly share. One of our top priorities here at Rosa Labs is extremely rigorous quality control and testing, above and beyond what is required by regulators. The vast majority of our ingredients are sourced from the United States. We plan to reduce the cost mostly from the stance of operational efficiency and biotech ingredient production, but bear in mind it is possible that we will source more from overseas providers at some point.”

Just to be clear, I am not VERY concerned with this. It’s a good thing to hear they test it so much, but I am still somewhat concerned because I am constantly hearing about health issues with food sources from Asian countries. I know that there are good companies who supply good services as well as bad ones, but it certainly seems like the number of bad ones are far greater than in the US.

Also, I would be very interested in finding out exactly how they obtain these ingredients. Does the manufacturer take them from plants? Animals? I don’t know anything about that process. Does anyone have any info about it?


While you asked about China specifically they did not confirm they get anything from China or even Aisa. They said

Note the use of future tense and no mention of China or even Aisa.

Also seeing as Soylent is now vegan there are no animal bits in it.


Never trust anything from China.

Only trust what comes from your own garden.



I just read the article mentioned. It actually supports not trusting GNC, Target, Walgreens and Walmart. I didn’t notice any mention of Asia whatsoever.


Come to think of it there are no herbal supplements in Soylent so that article doesn’t even apply.


Lol, while that may not be a direct application, its not like it is a single case. Remember the milk and formula fiasco a few years ago in china(specifically done to BEAT the tests), a few years before that they had a incident where people were watering down the milk, Wikipedia Link about Milk Scandal, every year they have several new scandals, but we only hear about the big ones in the news here. My wife who lived in northern China until ~25 still refuses to buy certain food products from China.

But unfortunately, no matter where it comes from, malicious or greedy people anywhere could do something to it, especially when money is involved. So just got to put it in perspective and try not to be overly paranoid.


:smiley: When I heard about Gutter oil for the first time, I decided never to visit China in my life time (not ruling out visiting other parts of Asia)


I decided to never visit China for a number of reasons, including this video:

I know it isn’t food related, but I do feel strongly that the money I spend on purchases I make go toward countries that don’t have these problems. The gutter oil, lead in children’s toys, toxic chemicals in baby milk, and fake ingredients are just a few symptoms of a larger problem. China’s government and a lot of its society just doesn’t care.

If it came to me paying an extra dollar for Soylent made 100% in the US, or even any other first world democracy, I would do that in a heartbeat. I don’t want to support any of these things.


I have been on Soylent for 159 days and have lost 73lbs (22%) so far. I love Soylent but I will stop immediately if Soylent adds any Chinese directly or indirectly sourced ingredients or additives. Too many valid health and safety reasons to list…


I’m Chinese (half) and I don’t even trust s*&% from china.


Personally I would be more concerned about the quality of RL’s Quality Control than where it gets its ingredients from.


Exactly. Who would be happy if they got adulterated goods from the US, as long as they didn’t come from China? I wouldn’t. To me, China often seems more capitalistic than the US. I expect Rosa Labs to keep my Soylent pure no matter what continent it comes from.