One recipe for a male/female couple


DIY soylent for a male/female couple? I am having a hard time convincing my husband that this sounds like a great alternative to wasting time cooking/cleaning or driving to get food into our systems, when we ultimately don’t really enjoy the food and have to put a lot of effort into it. I was looking and tinkering with DIYing my own with the various protein powders and things I happen to have here, but I am at a loss on how to do it in a way that would cover both of our dietary needs. Any other couples doing all soylent or mostly soylent? Do you just add multivitamins in? I hate pills. Any help would be awesome.

Our needs are different based on weight, and sex as well as goals. We both could stand to lose some weight but, while I can handle things with odd flavors for an extended amount of time. My husband is more worried about texture/flavor than nutrition. I used to give him a multivitamin but basically unless I make him take it, he will forget about it. He is also in his late 30s not sure if there is a difference between early 20s/late 30s as in… Does he need more of something? I know I need more Calcium. I am just wondering if someone has already done most of the work on this.

I have oat flour, 100% Egg protein and some kind of whey protein. They are all flavored. I also have so many vitamins and supplements that I could probably open my own vitamin shop. (I buy them with the best of intentions) Can you crush vitamins into this without it tasting horrible?

On a completely different note. I am so excited to have found this. I have been wanting just exactly this for more than a few years. I probably will go ahead and order a month’s worth and fiddle with my DIY till it gets here just for the sheer excitement of finding something I have dreamed of.


Honestly if you’re just trying it out for a few weeks to start with, I wouldn’t worry about differences in nutritional needs between the two of you. The official Soylent ended up without gender differences, so I would imagine that things are pretty similar.

In my own DIY efforts, I noticed that female nutrient profiles tend to require more iron and more vitamin E. So you could supplement your DIY with molasses (very rich in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium) and maybe some extra oil (vitamin E) and you’d be good. No problem.

Other than that I think you’re fine. Just stick with a male nutrient profile as the baseline (including at least 60 ml of oil) and add molasses to your mix.


If either of you like coffee, try mixing that in as my little experiment with a small sample was a good result. You can make it as strong or weak flavored as you want.

As to adding vitamins, I agree with @axcho don’t add anything except the required oil. Most people’s diets are even as good as Soylent with or without vitamins. I think you would only risk making it less palatable by adding anything major. Also don’t let your spouse’s disinterest or skepticism deter you, maybe you need to blaze the trail to show the benefits and he will sample it and actually decide to make the change too.


I feel this is very bad advice. Even the official soylent has an added vitamin mix. There are very few DIY recipes that don’t have some sort of multivitamin or the equivalent in separate vitamin powders. For what it’s worth I am a 40s male and ironically (or should I say iron-ically) I use a women’s vitamin capsule because when I crunch the numbers it combines with the other ingredients to closer match the numbers I need - the men’s one in the range I chose did not supplement iron at all.
You are welcome to look at it


Thanks, I think I am going to go with a basic profile based on just a 2000 calorie diet. My caloric needs are less but I just want to see how it goes. Even if he decided that he will have it for breakfast it is still saving us that much time/effort/money. And honestly… any amount of nutritional value is better than the empty foods we normally consume.

You know… I remember there was at least a week when we were moving that I was only drinking protein shakes with milk and spinach powder in them and having multivitamins. I got forced out of it by a friend who insisted I was going to die of starvation (which was more likely that I wasn’t getting enough w/e) I remember being very leveled on it. I loved not having to even think about food and just rinsing a glass is so easy especially during a move when you don’t know where most of your dishes are.

I think @NoFlames advice was based on actual soylent.


Just to chime in, I also have always hated taking pills and would never remember to do so unless someone reminded me (or I started setting reminders on my gadgets once personal technology got to that point). I’m also very concerned with texture of things and have always been the opposite of everyone else I knew, in that the more “organic and wholesome” something is, the less I want anything to do with it. My dream solid food has always been basic power bars because they are totally homogenized, smooth, and simple.

Anyone who knows me and my eating habits would probably be astounded that I would try Soylent, because it’s “so weird and out there” and I really do not try new things, ever. But for me it’s been the conclusion of a lifelong wish to not have to eat (not meaning that I don’t want to ever again, but that I don’t want to have to ever again). The nutrition benefits of Soylent were totally secondary to me and really unimportant, but the reality has been that I’ve never felt as good as I do right now. Never. I’ll be 41 this week.

I didn’t try DIY because I’m just not patient enough to deal with the prep required, and frankly also from what I’ve now read, I think the textures & flavors would have put me off of Soylent, so I’m glad I didn’t. Official Soylent has obviously been very well refined and I doubt it compares in those regards with any DIY blend (though there are so many, I could be wrong). Your husband might like to take a look at the videos I’ve been keeping to document our process with Soylent (and you might get something out of them as well)…

There’s a playlist with all of them starting at the beginning about a week before Soylent arrived. I hope they can help you out!


I was talking about actual Soylent not their own mixture. I was assuming that their formula has the correct nutrition so I don’t think that is bad advice unless you believe Soylent is deficient.


Fair enough. I was working on the assumption you had read the first line of the original post, where the OP was asking for a DIY recipe that was ok for a couple. :slight_smile:

I thought something needed to be said, as the DIY recipes are very carefully designed to be nutritionally complete, and if a newbie got the idea it’s ok to just drop a multivitamin for some reason without adjusting for it, well it is not a great idea,