One Recipe To Rule Them ALL! Design Filter

So, having tried a ton of recipes now from all sides of the spectrum…
(warning: I don’t consider myself a politically correct person and prefer blunt honestly over candy-coated logic)
I wanted to fuel a discussion from like minded people who want to share:

  • what they would like to see in a recipe
  • what they have tried
  • what they liked
  • what they disliked
  • what they would change if they could hop inside the Tardis with Dr. Who

From the stuff arriving at your door to it ending up in your toilet (unless you are the bush dweller type) or trash, the pros and con of the entire process can be innovated.

I’ve wanted to create this topic for a while and what finally got me to do it was that I looked my journal where I take notes on every recipe I have ever made and tried (noting its pros, cons and side effects) and I realized if I did an 80/20 analysis I really only ended up with a few after I was done filtering every time.

My background is architect and inventor along with village weirdo, vagabond, hermit, and world traveler so I tend to design with mobility and waste reduction as a priority. Your background (age, location, lifestyle and preferences) will also affect your design choices so if you feel comfortable sharing them it should help present a picture to everyone where your unique view point comes from, as well as help contrast with others and thus lead to insight and clarity about where and when to tweak the design process to improve it as a whole.

Lastly, in the great words of Edward de Bono, “history is for analysis and the future is for design”, I would love to treat this as a constructive effort to get to something better and think this would serve as a win win situation for everyone in the end. Honesty is valued, if you want to flame me please do it in other threads - I really want to dig into this topic and try to keep it as pure as possible.

Oh and please don’t market your stuff on this thread, we all know when you are doing it. :wink:



Thanks @iEnvisionary for raising a good theme.
Based on feedback from (you all know what I’m doing :stuck_out_tongue: ) customers and thinking of the future, I consider that Integrated Powdered Foods will populate three categories:

2000 calorie
2000 calorie diet sets the Recommended Daily Intake of the nutrients that is considered to be sufficient to meet the requirements of 97–98% of healthy individuals in every demographic in the United States. Since it’s a versatile formula we can expect different flavors, textures and packages to fit different small niches.

Hi Protein
A high-protein diet is often recommended by bodybuilders and nutritionists to help efforts to build muscle and lose fat. I think that nutrient complete foods with high-protein will go out of the gyms and find a proper place on breakfast tables for many people. Beginning of the day must be energised.

Low Carb
Although Low carbohydrate diets are relatively high in protein and fats, studies show that people on low-carb diets lose more weight and faster, than people on low-fat diets… This area will be most discussed and we expect a lot of experiments to prove or refute it. Thanks to easy of integration and dosage of powdered foods now we can follow it as strict as we should.

hrmmm interesting point of view, i started there as well and then found that filtering through age range, gender, and activity level was a place i would prefer to start filtering since a one size fits all approach was not fitting a good number of people.

Then I move on to negative side-effects in majority of users and negative side effects on select users (allergies etc…)

Then at the end of the filtering process when we have the top 20% i was thinking i would go and get some blood-work and stool sample analysis done on those recipes after doing a 6 day trial on each followed by one day of fasting and detox.

The issue of easy to prepare and clean up is also there along with easy to transport and waste created per serving.

Then last on my list i have flavor since with enough tweaking that can be improved in a win win manner where nutrition is not compromised but enhanced.

I am going to try to steer away from the averages that are available all over the internet about calorie intake just because with 9-ish years on nutrition and fitness experiments under my belt i have found it to be a more complex issue and find my research agreeing with Tim Ferriss and Dr Brian Clements opinion on the matter along with others who are not as well known, but people i respect in the nutrition field.

This should be fun, thanks for the input. :wink:

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I agree with you, that formulas should be free from allergies and side effects, as well as dispensing different amounts according to personal intake.

It would be nice if we make a drawing or a table as a result of our discussion.
If you respect Bono - why not to make a mindmap?
Can you?


great minds think alike, I actually had that planned :wink:

I think for now i am going to let this topic grow and see what ideas people have before i sit down and plan the presentation aspect in too much detail.

Yes, let’s wait @iEnvisionary

Darn you scared everyone away with ur aggressive sales again before this even got started lol :wink:

Dude if you have a good product, it will sell itself but if you keep annoying people sooner of later they will link that irritation that they have with you with your product.

If you are trying this hard to always promote yourself, it just comes across as needy and trying to fake niceness on these forums will only fool a few people in the short-term but you will loose long-term.

Also please stop with the copy paste facts that you advertize everywhere i have asked you nicely in my 1st post, i am going to give you the benefit of the doubt just this one time but i know better and have heard from 15+ people how much PM spamming you do.

If you just spent 1/10 of the time innovating ur product instead of doing sales and flashy graphic design i am sure you would have tons of loyal customers.

I am not at civil as other people on this forum and i am nothing like @axcho who i consider freakishly level headed so if you do this sort of stuff again i am going to call you out on it, and trust me when i say that you really don’t want that.

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What in the world are you going on about? I see no aggressive sales advertisements in this thread, nor do I see any flagged or deleted posts. You posted this thread five hours ago. Many of the people who might have input on your topic are probably at work during the day. Be patient.

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yes but i am being PM’ed already about completely unrelated stuff, i was addressing that, sorry for the confusion

Hey, be nice to Spaceman and he didnt even mention his product in his posts.

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I will try to be on my best behavior but i don’t appreciate, like many people on this forum receiving PM’s that have nothing to do with any of my activity and are for his personal benefit.

He has been told enough times to stop so i don’t feel the need to tip-toe around the issue.
I personally feel the bar has been set too low to allow this again and again but hay that is just me.

Sorry if you felt offended Predator but rest assured Spaceman is not my prey :wink: see what i did there :wink:

I tried a few blends of Axcho’s - Schmoylent, Marion Fuel, Glenda Fuel and Erik fuel. Couple of thoughts from my perspective. Schmoylent is very very similar to Rob’s Soylent in taste and texture. It doesn’t stay mixed as well and more silt is left in the bottom of the cup than when I drink reg Soylent at the same speed. Slightly oaty flavor, which is of course absent in Soylent. But overall a great choice. Marion fuel was not for me - it is chocolate flavored, and while I really love chocolate, it was too much after getting used to the almost bland flavor of Soylent/Schmoylent. I couldn’t drink that all day every day, I’d get tired of it. Glenda fuel was a low fat blend (and low calorie) and uses chia seeds and psylium husk as bulkers to help you feel full. Although they are apparently a super food, I’ve learned I don’t care for Chia seeds. I don’t like their texture and I prefer a more smooth shake personally. Erik fuel was mostly only a carb source, and allowed for you to add your own protein powder source. I had some leftover Hemp Protein powder that I tried it with, but overall I didn’t like the taste. That is due to the Hemp Protein but until I go out and buy some other protein powder and test flavors etc, the rest of Erik fuel is sitting on my countertop.

What I love about custom body fuel is the willingness to customize a blend that works for you, so I opted for the best for me - I didn’t need 2000 calories as a sedentary 40+ chick and I really enjoyed the Schmoylent the best, since its the closest to Soylent, which is overall my favorite taste. So, they were nice enough to make Jennifer Fuel, which is Schmoylent but only in a 1500 calorie version so I don’t have to think about splitting bags up and leaving some for the next day or whatever. One bag = one day for me. I just ordered a months worth… can’t wait for it to arrive!

Not sure if any of that helps - hope so!


I find axcho’s Schmoylent recipe to be perfect the way it is. I like the taste/ratios/texture.


Thanks @soylentnoight for the insight, it really helps to get feedback like this.

So what i am hearing is:

  • balance in the recipe is important because you have to drink so much of it on the diet

  • 2000 cal was not what you needed

  • 1 bag for one day is convenient and having to split that further is not

  • too much of a strong flavor does not contrast well after being on bland recipes

  • chia seeds have a texture effect you prefer not to experience

  • you like being able to customize a blend to meet your desired preferences

  • Schmoylent and Soylent is your current top choice

Perfect, i am going to start compiling all these points.

By the way i agree with you on the Soylent and Schmoylent part, however for me i tried Schmoylent when i heard that @axcho was doing experiments to get rid of the negative side effects people were reporting on Soylent. I am sorry to say however that i never really liked it for too long and moved onto Marion Fuel to get away from the blandness (and because i love raw cacao and it was the closest thing to it).
At the moment though i am sold on @axcho Ax Fuel as my top pic but i am still not satisfied with it because i crave some parts of Marion Fuel (the chocolate flavor) but at the same time Ax Fuel has Saigon Cinnamon :stuck_out_tongue: which is my favorite kind, also Ax Fuel is bland enough for me to drink everyday which i don’t feel about Marion Fuel as much.

So as of right now my top pic is Ax Fuel which i am working to modify and add the best from the Marion fuel recipe without going overboard. Marion and I were discussing this a while back and Mexican Chocolate came to mind which i have not been able to find a balance of ingredients for unfortunately. : (

What do you feel can be improved about all the orders you got, ex: bags, instruction sheet, shipping time, or anything detail along those lines, even the website that @axcho has made?

Sorry for all the awkward curiosity, just wondering how people really feel since they tend to know best what really matters in a product.

:smiley: thanks again for taking the time to share all of this with everyone here :smiley:

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@melcron i agree with you and had to learn that the hard way, the moment i took anything out or added anything to it i lost the balance you are talking about.

personally the texture won me over more than taste, but i am guess thats just because i have weird preferences :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for taking the time to share, any other insights you have would be awesome (even the smallest details about the entire process from shipping to arrival to usage would be greatly appreciated). :smile:

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@soylentnoight Thanks for trying all those different recipes and describing your reactions to each of them - that’s really helpful to know! :smiley:

I’m glad you did find one you liked, and I’m glad I was able to come up with a more convenient 1500-calorie version for you. I guess Schmoylent is in demand not just because of the name, but because a lot of people seem to prefer the taste. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like Ax Fuel a bit better though. :wink:

As far as what I would like to see in a recipe, the biggest thing for me is “no ingredients that I’m allergic or sensitive to” and secondarily, the right macro ratios and ingredients to match my body’s metabolism (best on Paleo-ish diets). Flavor is not as big a deal, because I am easily satisfied with basics like cinnamon and cocoa powder, it seems. :stuck_out_tongue:

Allergies and sensitivities to avoid:

  • nuts and beans (including soy and peas)
  • lactose
  • gluten
  • preservatives
  • vanillin?

Soy falls under the beans category, but it is widespread enough to deserve its own mention. Soy protein in particular can cause issues for some people.

Neat thread. :smile:

What I’d like to see in a recipe is a little more versatility. I’d like a to receive a package with, perhaps, two or three separate containers of DIY and can mix different amounts together to control some degree of variance. Maybe one day, I’d like to increase protein but not have carbs increased proportionally, etc. I appreciate that the benefit of buying DIY is that you don’t have to mix ingredients together yourself (if you did, you could do exactly what I’m suggesting on your own). But, I think there’s a way to provide DIY as a consumer good while still allowing the consumer some control. What I don’t want to do, though, is have to buy a machine to mix three powders together when I’m just as capable of using cups myself.


Hmmm, that is an interesting idea, @errantb. You could probably accomplish that by getting a week’s worth each of two different recipes (one with more carbs, one with more protein, or something), and mixing them in different amounts according to what you want that day. Did you have anything particular in mind, as far as how you’d use that extra versatility?

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Not specifically yet, but if a solution was possible I think a lot of people would give that question consideration. I think you’d have to poll what the most popular variances would be so you could please the most people with limited options.