One Soylent Fits All?


I’m wondering how one determine what a month supply of Soylent is for different body types. Clearly a 6’6" body-builder would need a different amount than a person who is 5’5" in order to maintain their weight. Has this been addressed?


On the campaign page, in the FAQ at the bottom, the following appears to solve this issue:

Q: "Do you have different formulas for men and women?"
A: “Yes, we’ve created a formula tailored for the nutritional needs of each. You’ll be able to choose a formula when we contact you for shipping information.”

So, I believe that we will get an e-mail with the available options and go from there. I am not sure how diverse the options will be (remember, this is the beginning of distribution) but I am sure they will be pretty decent! Even if there was one base formula, the bodybuilder would be able to add in extra supplements as they would normally do with their previous diet. Having the base formula will take a whole lot of work out of balancing for specific situations, so that will be a great benefit. Also, I recall reading that the formula for men will be based off of the 2,000 calorie diet, and for women based on the 1,500 calorie diet that is commonly accepted as a general rule for the average person.


We will have two base formulas initially, for men and women. When we have the exact nutritional content (after we’ve finalized the formulas and gotten them tested in an independent lab) we will publish them here.


Its one size fits most. If you’re of smaller stature, take less, larger take more.

RDAs are all based on total caloric intake. As a (significantly) taller person, you don’t magically need more of only specific ingredients, you just need more of everything overall.

Also, they’ve said that the male version atleast will be 2500 kcals, which is the RDA for males who are between sedentary or moderately active.



Thanks for the replies, guys. The official word I got back from was:

We base our supply amounts on average daily requirements. Men’s is
2500kcals. We’re working on more customized blends, but these ones
work for the majority of people at this time. Thanks for your