One week in, on Solent 1.5

Last week i received my first order of Solent. I was very excited at the possibility of replacing my lunchtime meals for time saving and convenience. I started off slowly and increased to a full meal (2 scoops) size over a period of three days. I hate to say it but it’s not working out for me. I’m fine with the taste, but I don’t feel like I’ve eaten. My stomach feels full and not hungry but I get a weird low blood sugar feeling. I’m not sure if it is low blood sugar, but it’s the closest feeling I know of.

I have tried having it in smaller amounts and in larger amounts and even added other ingredients but I still feel the same way. I had a 3 scoop meal one day and immediately got the sweats and felt slightly nauseated. One thing I have noticed is that I used to have a snack after dinner like a small bowl of cereal, but I have not felt the need to.

Has anyone else experienced this? should be drinking it slower or mixing it with something else? Grateful for any help or advice.

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Assuming you’re not actually sick, you could try adjusting your fluid intake (up or down, if it’s too low or too high) and easing into Soylent slowly with regular food filling in the gaps. Soylent is much lower in sodium and much higher in potassium than many diets, which can cause issues if you try jumping in at 100%.

It’s not unheard of, but I wouldn’t say it’s common.

Some people here like to supplement additional protein and/or salt. I haven’t personally noticed a difference between drinking slowly or quickly, at least recently. I tend to drink Soylent quickly now, usually 500 calories in a few minutes at most.

I still add protein powder sometimes (usually for flavor more than nutrition, honestly), but my body seems to have adjusted to the lower sodium level. Plus most earlier versions had even less sodium than 1.5. I’m also not 100% Soylent and a lot of the normal foods I eat are salty (cheese!).

Are you sure you’re consuming enough calories? Using something like the Nutrient Profile Calculator you can estimate your daily caloric needs (you can ignore the macronutrient slider on the bottom). It would probably have been even better to have tracked your total caloric intake over, say, a week of normal food. Guessing is next to worthless (you could be eating 3500 calories a day and think you’re eating 2500): the calculator will be a better estimate than guessing.


Hm, try adding try adding a little sugar to your next serving of Soylent and see if you still get that feeling.

I think protein might be good to try. On first tasting Soylent, I thought it was slightly salty, so not sure if I’d want to put more in there.
Thanks for all the advice.

At first I did try a small amount of Maple syrup, I will try it again maybe with some coco

Try pure white sugar instead… It is for the simple carbs, nothing else.

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