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So to all us who have purchased a weeks worth of Soylent during the backing period. It seems we will not get our shipment anytime soon being that these guys are giving preferential treatment to those who have ordered larger supplies be it last year, 2013 or this year 2014. They have been and continue to receive refill orders of their supply while us one weekers haven’t even laid eyes on our supply yet.

Emailing one of the reps has proven useless, he made aware to me yesterday 7/11/14 that they will be “ramping up production” but it inherently seems that it will not be for us. We will continue to be pushed further back in the queue while others who were able and willing and continue to put in large new orders after us will receive their order before us.

What is the best course of action we can take? Requesting our money back. Show them that they can’t disregard/ignore the folks who helped them get to this point. They took our money and used it to deliver the supply of first shipments to the followers who had no hand in helping them get their idea off the ground.

Join me in telling this company that we have had enough of this “waiting” and no longer believe in them. We are requesting our pledge back!.

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I’m adding this here as this was your OP.
I see you’ve made this same argument in 2 threads and offered to buy a week from someone in another. It sounds like you would really like to try Soylent. If you get some from the Florida guy I hope you enjoy it. If what you really want is a refund send an email to It is that simple.
Or maybe you have other motives? Hmmm?


Could you copy and paste what they told you in the message? I’m shocked they said anything other than “keep waiting.”

“Ramping up production.” That’s funny. Soylent’s been in production since April. And they claimed that it would only take a month to ship all back orders.



Just ask for a refund. They seem to be pretty quick in that regard.


@leecauble Yes I would like to try it. That’s nothing to hide. I’ve already had discussions with them through email and I have been thanked for my patience and directed in some form or fashion to just wait it out. I really find it wrong that they would ship out to folks who have very recently ordered before the original backers. What kind of way is that to do business? I have already been looking at other folks who have been begun selling their own versions. I may even toy with a DIY.


You want to try it, and you want the company to fold. I think?


I too ordered one week way back in mid 2013. I really liked the idea of the product and without much extra cash lying around decided to get a weeks worth to try it before sinking several hundred dollars into Soylent. I am not here to complain or ask for a refund but I will tell you that any love that I had for Soylent and its team of entrepreneurs has disappeared. One day before the 2016 presidential elections I’m sure a package will arrive at my door with the Soylent I ordered in 2013 but I am no longer bothering to check on what orders are shipping or when. I simply no longer care about this company. Their product can be made by a dozen other companies who will undoubtedly have more experience in developing and distributing a product. When Rob decided to hire a bunch of his buddies to help run his company he took a business that could have been worth its weight in gold and turned it into an abysmal example of when business goes horribly wrong. Now instead of having a company worth billions there are competitors already starting up because they can make the same product and actually deliver, capitalizing on the fact that Soylent has fallen on it’s face. Every time another competitor starts up the Soylent brand becomes less valuable and less relevant.

As I said please don’t take this as a complaint. I helped crowd fund a business. Those investments don’t always work out. I’m not mad. I’m not sad. I’m just going to order the same product from a company who can actually deliver the goods they sell and leave the kids at Rosa Labs to pretend they are businessmen.

There is nothing unique about Soylent. Anyone can start their own company tomorrow making the same product. Therefore all Soylent has is brand recognition and they seem to working day and night…or perhaps not at all to destroy the little recognition they have created through cereal mismanagement and inept customer relations.


I am a one-weeker who was lucky enough to score one week from this forum and found out that I didn’t like Soylent. I am a one-weeker exactly for that reason; the possibility that I may not like it. I’d have ordered 12 weeks had I had the foresight to know it’s resale value or all the goodwill coming towards those who share their stash with the unfortunate one-weekers. It would be great if some of those with abundant Soylent stash would be willing to sell small amounts (1 day, 1 week) to those who are desperate to try it. Many may find out their expectations were too high, request a refund and give the DIY site a chance. I recommend Marion chow. @axcho sells it but I mix it myself using his recipe. Will reorder from him though as soon as my Soylent refund comes in.


And where are these companies at? Please tell me you arent talking about the little startups advertising on here. Because while I liked spacemans mix okay I think he would likely tell you that he doesnt ever expect to be doing millions in sales. And judging from the posts on this forum the disgruntled people are in the minority. I said it before and I will say it again. If Soylent does what it says it would in terms of nutrition Soylent is going to be here for a long time to come. Of that there is no doubt.


Spaceman would probably love to be doing a million dollars in sales. He wouldn’t be able to ramp up to it tomorrow…


Im sure he would. Who wouldnt?


If he has any brains spaceman will scale his business. He’s a fool if he doesn’t.


[quote=“movingon, post:7, topic:15162, full:true”]or perhaps not at all to destroy the little recognition they have created through cereal mismanagement…

I’m pretty sure it’s not the maltodextrin that’s the problem.


that would imply he gained a million dollars worth of sales overnight, which is foolish to think. and you act like soylent didn’t have time to ramp up. i could be wrong, but i believe soylent raked in $800k or something by the end of their month long crowdfunding stage.

now, you’d think at some point they would close down sales so they could figure out how they would ship such a large quantity of product as a new company right? nope. not soylent! in fact, they even opened their product up to full on customers. which of course, will be getting a “sorry your product has been delayed” notice soon… because they are still shipping 4 weeks orders from early june 2013.

so yeah, they seem to have been blinded by the influx of cash they received and were too foolish to shut sales down so they could figure out how to properly ship their new and popular product. now they are receiving a hailstorm of pissed off customers, soon to be more come july 28th when they delay the non backer orders.


No successful project that I have seen didnt allow preorders the moment their project was successful. Not one.


so being this far back ordered and having a large amount of pissed off customers who have been waiting over a year for your product is a better solution? right.

also, please find one that screwed their original backers over as badly as soylent did. most successful crowdfunding projects usually open up PRE ORDERS. with their original crowdfunders/early backers getting the product before new customers do.

i honestly don’t even remember a crowdfunding project with an actual physical item ever doing this well. most are digital products like games and such, which early backers receives the first builds for. i’m sure others who had a physical product this popular with no means of actually being able to ship anywhere near the amount they are selling would limit sales a bit till they could figure things out,


That is nothing but opinion. I for one having backed on 6-12-13 do not feel in the least bit “screwed” and judging from posts on this MB most dont feel that way. Please direct me to a citation of most of the 23k backers being “pissed”.


I’ve seen quite a few kickstarhers who didn’t immediately allow new orders. One that comes to mind is Robot Turtles . In each of the cases that come to mind, either sales were delayed until backers’ orders were shipping, or backers’ got version 1 and a version 2 - based on experiences developing, depoying, and using version 1 - was later made available.

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I was just going by the ones I have personally backed.


It seems to me that you’re being incredibly dramatic about asking for your money back, something they have proven time and time again that they are happy to do by request. I’m sure @JulioMiles will give you your money back without ay need for theatrics.