One weird trick to stop drinking water

This Man Survives on Exactly Zero Glasses of Water a Day

Filak says he survives on around 800 to 1,000 calories a day, solely consumed in the form of whole fruits and vegetables.


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On one hand people like these are often misguided by anecdotes of other people doing similar foolish things, so I feel sorry for them. On the other hand I get a little schadenfreude brain jizz every time one of them becomes horribly ill and does a 180 on their beliefs.


I call BS on this guy. I can see how he is getting his fluid but what about protein and fat? Not to mention B12 and other micronutrients. Anyone advocating any kind of cleanse is very uneducated.

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Does a 32 oz Soda count as a glass of water?
I survived on one of those a day for far too long -_-

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I would rather drink and not eat, rather than eat and not drink.


Plot twists: he eats four watermelons a day.


I’m just concerned that he’s got his dog on the no-water diet too. She can’t exactly tell him when she’s thirsty.

I agree. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

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Yes she can. My dog makes it very clear when he is thirsty. Banging on his water dish, running towards it when he sees me.

What I object to is feeding a carnivore nothing but plants. It bugs me when people start applying morals to an amoral creature and/or an amoral act.

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But this poor puppy has no water dish. This seems like animal abuse.


“The general consensus was that I was being a moron,” Filak says.