Only a black screen--


I see only a black screen. I am SOOOO disappointed. After reading the New Yorker article, I really wanted to order.


A black screen where? Are you referring to the new Soylent website? What browser are you using? Can you try another? Also there has been discussion of known problems with a browser extension called https Everywhere, in case that’s helpful.


I had some problems accessing the site as well. If you’re using chrome, try opening the site in an “incognito” window - Ctrl+Shift+N.


I’m just using Internet Explorer. All I see is a black screen with the logo Soylent and no way to access the website.


Can you try another browser in order to rule out a browser-specific issue? Or even the same browser on another computer?


Sometimes the site crashes my video driver on my computer. I’ve never seen a website do that before. I’m using Windows 8.1 with an Nvidia graphics card.

You can bypass the video screen with the following link, and then you will see other menu options at the top of the page:

Here’s a youtube link to the video that plays on the home page that isn’t loading for you:

It is not as good quality as the original, but didn’t find the original in my quick search.


The site is really heavy on flash… to the point where my 8 core 3.8g computer on a 30m cable connection was lagging, and all the fans went into ‘oh ghod we’re on fire’ mode such as I haven’t seen since I started World of Warcraft. Bioshock Infinite and Borderlands 2 all at the same time…


Thank you. I got it! Can’t wait to order!


Sorry about that! We’re still working out some bugs in the site, can you send a screenshot to

Like others said, it would be useful to know if it loads in a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox.

Whoa, that’s no good. Do you get any kind of crash report when this happens? Would love to take a look at it. Does the crash happen across browsers or just one?

No flash used on the site, it definitely shouldn’t be overloading your machine. What browser are you using?

edit: my mistake, I believe flash is only used to serve different versions of the video across platforms.


Here’s the official version on youtube:


There may be a crash report recorded somewhere, but Windows auto reloads the video driver for me so I just move on to doing something else. It was using IE. Not sure about Chrome, I do use chrome, but don’t remember specifically it crashing under Chrome. As a data point, when I when to the link you provided it opens IE and I get a black video pane with the words “An error has occurred, try again later”. If I open a separate instance of the IE browser and paste the link it works ok.

I’m running on an Dual processor 8 core machine with 96GB of RAM which I know is a bit unusual, so not sure if that makes a difference.


Poked around in the code, it’s actually Javascript, apparently. (ew. :P) It takes a long time to scroll down (hit spacebar, wait ~4-5 seconds, get blank area of site, slowly fills in).


The new website really does leave a lot to be desired. It works okay on my main computer, but on my old 2GB Vista laptop, it completely locks up Firefox for about five minutes. Considering that a large chunk of the population is still on even weaker systems than that, I can predict a lot of people will have bad experiences.