Only credit card? No sale

I hate Paypal as much as any casual hater, but I respect how they have made online payments so much safer. Monoprice, TJ Maxx, Target, there are reasons I pay with cash. Now I look for the Paypal logo when shopping at random small shops.

I’m always hoping that an alternative to Paypal becomes viable. I have a Dwolla account. I was pretty excited when the Soylent crowdfunding campaign accepted Bitcoins. But Soylent went out of beta and stopped accepting Bitcoins.

Now Rosa Labs expects me to trust them with another copy of my credit card information? No thanks.

It’s sad when paranoia and mild hatred get in the way of good nutrition.


You laugh now, but when China hacks Rosa Labs…

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It’s not paranoia, it’s good security. I behave similarly, but I made an exception for Soylent.

Actually it’s both. I have had the same thoughts as the OP and use PayPal whenever I have the option.

PayPal is for sale, so us haters may have a reason to relent soon. I dared to use it from Russia (where I was living) and had my account frozen, since I was obviously a criminal, so I have to use another account.


Conor said that they plan on adding the Bitcoin option back soon.

In that case, paranoia is good security.


You folks know that you can buy prepaid credit cards at your local supermarket or convenience store, right?


I don’t worry about my credit card, if it gets compromised they change the account number and send me a new one. Granted, I don’t like thieves getting away with things but I am not going to sweat it.

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