Open source Soylent?

Hopefully your Direct Logistics economy will get rid of all those pesky humans.


I‘ve been waiting a long time for this place to devolve into a Star Trek forum.

Okay, so what the heck was up with Sisko’s storyline at the end of DS9?


In my experience, it takes passion for a project to be completed in the absence of a monetary, social, or physical motivator. You have to want it to get done. If not passion, then at least mixture of obsession and boredom.

So my criticism of your “sharing” idea, is that most of the people I know are lost. They don’t know what impact they want to have on the world, and don’t really have the motivation to find out. I don’t trust people to produce as much as they consume.


Nobody does anything for free.

Everything anyone does is to satisfy a primary drive.

If it seems like someone is doing something altruistically it’s because you’re not carefully examining their rep systems.

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