Open Soylent Bottles Like A BOSS!


I like things clean and neat, so it bothers me when I can’t cleanly remove the plastic wrapper over the top of a Soylent bottle.

Fortunately, I figured out that using something with a hard edge (e.g. key, pen, knife, etc) to first break the perforations around entire circumference of the top, results in a perfectly clean edge once you pull down the tab created by the vertical perforations.

Nutty? Sure. Clean? Definitely!

"My Soylent review: decent with a very annoying packaging flaw."
Not library-friendly
No more foil seal

I just use my thumb to break the perforations around the top. It looks like you are using a key to do the same. I haven’t had any trouble so far so I’m not sure why you would need a key to do it. If I break those perforations cleanly then I don’t see any reason to take off the plastic wrapper at all.

Before I figured this out I had stressed making it clean or peeling off enough of the wrapper to make it clean. Now 99% of the bottles break cleanly. No fuss. :slightly_smiling:


Best part: The “ta-da!” hand gesture at the end.


@JeffLeBert Open palm. Insert forehead. Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious. I will try the thumb, but I have no fingernails left so I may still need an implement of destruction.


All of the wrapper has to come off. Every last bit of it, not just the top.

I made a thread on my Soylent wrapper nightmare before. Thanks for bringing this back up.



Also, you can just remove the lid without taking off the shrink wrap.


I’ve been doing it that way since someone mentioned it on reddit.


Before I received Soylent 2.0, I read somebody on this forum say they just twist the cap and it opens at the perforations. This worked pretty good but you need a little grip and muscle to twist it off. I think this threw me off and I never though about just running my thumb around. Luckily I figured it out weeks ago.


I still just twist the cap off, but the new bottles are a lot harder to open this way than the old bottles.


Do you even lift, bro?



I don’t understand why there are perforations on both sides for starting the peel. If you actually open it the way it’s intended to be opened then it rips halfway because of the second starting point.

I twist the cap off along with the wrapper and then pull the wrapper off. Then when I’m done drinking I peel the wrapper off of the rest of the bottle and stuff it inside the bottle to punish it for being slightly annoying to open.


Thanks to @wezaleff for showing me the light. I’ve abandoned my Type-A ways and opted for a show of brute force instead.

Yes, you are seeing correctly. I do not cut ANY of the perforations. Instead, I simply grip & twist baby!

If this clip doesnt convince my fellow gym-rats that there is enough “brotein” in Soylent 2.0 - nothing will!

And now in slo-mo…


I did that for weeks but it is much easier to just run your thumb around the perforations. This leads to less tears in the plastic wrapping. Those little “hang-nails” are too annoying for me to leave. I noticed in your video that you had one on the right. In any case, we both have a way of opening bottles that works!


I’m wondering how to “Unsubscribe” from this thread.





Ahhh…First world problems!!


The amount of OCD in this post is absolutely wonderful. lol!

I’m the same way. I can’t start drinking it until the entire top black wrapper is cleanly removed.

I’ve noticed that we all seem to line up Soylent 2.0 bottles in our refrigerators the same way too. Very orderly. Like a garrison of stormtroopers. lol


No surprise, but I do the same. I actually line up 5 in the morning so I don’t lose count of how many I’ve had that day. :smirk:


@JeffLeBert I agree. After a day of brute force “grip 'n twist” I think it’s best to break the perforations around the base of the lid first. I just had to post the video of the brute force method since it was more in line with the “like a BOSS” title of this post. Perhaps I should have named it “Opening Soylent 2.0 bottles for OCD suffers” instead…