Opened Bag Expiration?

While spoilage is part of our concerns, I think the more common concern is nutrient degradation due to oxidation from exposure to air. In a sealed container the exposure could be minimized, but the powder would still be exposed to a new batch of air every time the container was opened; and since many people looking into such options are doing so with the purpose of making it one or two servings a time, that exposure would be “fresh batch of air 3-4 times per day”.

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I’m bumping this topic as we have yet to receive an answer from someone who works at Rosa Lab, or someone else with some sort of official authority.

Any experience and input from the community is more than welcome, of course !

Thanks in advance. This will be quite appreciated for future reference.

Well, @Soylent didn’t answer so we will try @Conor.

@Soylent is no longer being monitored. I believe they mention that in one of the stickies at the top of the forum.

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Well, I believe that is an illogical move on their part.

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I do look at it occasionally, but we only use it for major announcements. I am transitioning away from using it since there was a desire to have a more personal approach to the discourse rather then a faceless handle.


While it lasts longer, we do recommend consuming within a week. You should store Soylent in a dry cool place.


That is terrific, but the Soylent account is the obvious go-to for the uninitiated so it should still be actively monitored.

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Thanks for the “official” statement.
I have no need to keep a dry bag open for more than 2-3 days, but it’s good information to have.

Thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated !

I opened a bag a couple months ago, used half of it and resealed the bag. Opening it today and using the remaining portion was no picnic. The oils may be powdered but they appear to respond to air exposure the same - they taste horrible.

So my conclusion is, treat powder Soylent the same as you would treat a light Olive oil - if it’s exposed to air, don’t leave it around for more than a few weeks.

Good experiment - nasty taste.

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It would be easier to just drink 1/2 a bag a day and not worry about it.

Of course if you were doing 1/2 a bag a day, you may as well just mix the full pitcher. It lasts up to 2 days after you mix it and would save you the trouble of weighing out 1/2 the bag. If your just scooping or estimating on the fly then you will most likely be short on your last day.

I have a bag of 1.6 that has been opened for probably a month. I opened it up before they sent out the temporary soylent bottles. Was going off of the bottles for a month and then had 1.7 shipped to me and figured I should wrap up the 1.6 I had left over.

We live in a fairly dry climate, although it is winter and we’ve had tons of snow.

I’m drinking it now and it doesn’t seem bad, maybe a little bit stale? Then again I’m trying it w/o flavor. While consuming the bottles I put syrups in my like pumpkin pie and eggnog. I tried that with the 1.7 and the 1.6 and it seemed almost too sweet compared to putting it in the pre-bottled Soylent. So the first time I wouldn’t have noticed the slightly stale flavor due to the overwhelming syrup.

Maybe it seems to leave a slight aftertaste, but I’m still not very concerned. Although I will probably toss out the 1/4 package that’s left. #done Might toss out the other half of this bottle and just get some fresh stuff, why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, this is just in the Soylent bags with their zipper that doesn’t always seal too great to begin with since the power likes to get in the rails. Even with a good zip it’s not going to be airtight.

Soylent has the same shelf life regardless of it is open or sealed.

Interesting… Source?

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