openFDA Enters Beta Testing

openFDA is a new set of API’s dedicated to drugs, devices and foods. You can comb through massive data sets and research. This is a completely open source, scaleable (sp?) project.

I know nothing about programming, analytics or biochemistry, but if any of you do then you’ll surely love this!

Interestingly, none of the top 40 (current) API developers are actual FDA employees.

Here’s a video about the project, part of a series of presentations at Stanford’s 2015 “Big Data” conference.


This seems really cool! here is the website

Theyre even open source on Github <3 repo link

They look to be ElasticSearch based and language agnostic with an HTTP based API. It has been in Beta since last year too. Damn, I should look more into this.


Oh wow… this IS mighty cool. As long as the data is reliable and reasonably complete. Nifty!!

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I think this really sets an example. When you you guys think the NSA will go open-source?

(Edit: Yes, I’m just joking)

I thought they have… All your source is open to them…

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FTFY :wink:



This is really cool. I am not sure what type of program I would write to use this information, but the fact that I could is really nice.

Maybe something for DIY soylent that is better than Excel or a Google Spreadsheet?